OutsideIn delivers stellar 2013 line-up

OutsideIn delivers stellar 2013 line-up

By Katie Cunningham 26th Jun, 2013

Dubstep: Friend or foe?1292

Dubstep: Friend or foe?

By ITM HQ 13th Jan, 2012

“I don’t think it’ll go overground as such,” predicted the 17-year-old Benga in 2003. Nine years on, it's more a question of: just how overground can dubstep go?

Burial, SBTRKT & more on Adult Swim’s free bass music comp36

Burial, SBTRKT & more on Adult Swim’s free bass music comp

By Jack Tregoning 27th Sep, 2011

Sometimes things just work out for the best, like when the deviant minds of Adult Swim announce a free compilation featuring some of the brightest talents in dubstep and electronica.

Gold Panda does next DJ-Kicks compilation 2

Gold Panda does next DJ-Kicks compilation

By Dave Ruby Howe 12th Sep, 2011

UK electronic innovator Gold Panda will be helming an upcoming disc in the DJ-Kicks series.

Epic Decibel festival lineup18

Epic Decibel festival lineup

By Dave Ruby Howe 14th Jul, 2011

Looking at the strictly-EDM lineup for this year’s Decibel bash we can understand exactly why the Seattle festival has such a great reputation.

Stream Zomby's new LP2

Stream Zomby's new LP

By Dave Ruby Howe 3rd Jun, 2011

Shapeshifting UK producer Zomby has unexpectedly dropped a full stream of his upcoming 'Dedication' LP, his first full length record out in July on 4AD.

Dubstep producer slays Guardian critic1

Dubstep producer slays Guardian critic

By 13th Mar, 2009

UK dubstep producer Zomby has ridiculed a Guardian article which suggested ‘wonky’ is Britain’s ext big thing music genre, both for writer Simon Reynold’s references to ketamine and the entire concept of the genre itself.

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Shayno89 Shayno89 said on Sat 4th Jan, 2014
"Universus? :("
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walkdogz walkdogz said on Sun 15th Sep, 2013
""I've never even been to Australia I was quite looking fo..."
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ArmySniperDan ArmySniperDan said on Sat 1st Sep, 2012
"more like Dumbstep or Lamestep"
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luvbits luvbits said on Tue 27th Sep, 2011
"my day has just been made"
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JackT JackT said on Tue 13th Sep, 2011
"Yes, yes. What an ace year for this series."
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