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The Grammys give out dance gongs211

The Grammys give out dance gongs

By Dave Ruby Howe 14th Feb, 2011

While the main awards don’t tend to hold much interest around these parts, the Grammys given out in the dance field of the pre-telecast are usually worth a look, if only for a chuckle at what classifies as ‘dance’ in 2011.

Dirty South, Chemical Brothers score Grammy nominations19

Dirty South, Chemical Brothers score Grammy nominations

By Dave Ruby Howe 2nd Dec, 2010

Amongst the Justin Bieber’s and Katy Perry’s of the world, the nominees in the dance categories for the 53rd Grammy Awards include some well deserving producers and artists.

La Roux: in for the ride

La Roux: in for the ride

By 23rd Mar, 2010

Set to board the Bacardi Express tour this week, Elly Jackson - voice of electro-pop sensations La Roux - chats to ITM about seeing the East Coast of Australia in style.

Art vs Science take Hottest 100 by surprise18

Art vs Science take Hottest 100 by surprise

By Tim Hardaker 26th Jan, 2010

Although this year’s Hottest 100 will most likely be remembered as the one where the horse bolted out of the gates four days in advance, the announcement of the full list still held some surprises for listeners of the Australia Day countdown.

2010 Brit Award nominations1

2010 Brit Award nominations

By Alexandra Guzman 20th Jan, 2010

Last night the nominations for 2010 Brit Awards were announced, sans the Best Dance Artist category that was revoked a couple years ago.

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alistairrrr alistairrrr said on Sun 20th Feb, 2011
"guettas a fucking red nut hahah"
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lawlietskyy lawlietskyy said on Sat 4th Dec, 2010
"ITM didn't even mention BT got a nomination ... then in t..."
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falloni falloni said on Sun 22nd Aug, 2010
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