Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce

With their monster house hit ‘Barbra Streisand’ remaining firmly stuck in everybody’s heads it looks as though the Duck Sauce domination won’t be letting up any time soon.

Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos520

Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos

By Katie Cunningham 9th Nov, 2011

After hours of careful research, inthemix has brought together 20 of the most controversial video clips to ever grace a television or computer screen. Turns out 2 Girls 1 Cup might not be the most confronting thing on the internet, after all.

Duck Sauce on NSFW ‘Big Bad Wolf’ video: “It’s no Windowlicker”311

Duck Sauce on NSFW ‘Big Bad Wolf’ video: “It’s no Windowlicker”

By Katie Cunningham 7th Nov, 2011

Is Aphex Twin's confronting video for 'Windowlicker' any worse than Duck Sauce's 'Big Bad Wolf'? The clip's director seems to think so.

New Order & SHM on the bill at Ultra Music Festival, Brazil2

New Order & SHM on the bill at Ultra Music Festival, Brazil

By Katie Cunningham 25th Oct, 2011

New Order are joining Swedish House Mafia, Duck Sauce and MSTRKRFT on the line-up at Ultra Music Festival in São Paulo. Take that, Peter Hook!

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Bowl, Melbourne (24/09/11)1

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Bowl, Melbourne (24/09/11)

By Katie Cunningham 30th Sep, 2011

Parklife 2011 kicks off in Melbourne with a massive lineup, a devoted crowd and one long, long line to get in.

Duck Sauce: Let's dance17

Duck Sauce: Let's dance

By Michelle Sawyer 20th Sep, 2011

Once the sun goes down at Parklife, the Sahara Stage will be brought home by superstar team Duck Sauce. We talk shop with Armand Van Helden.

The worst dubstep remixes ever1271

The worst dubstep remixes ever

By Dave Ruby Howe 22nd Jun, 2011

In the interest of being definitive – and possibly because we’re gluttons for aural punishment – inthemix decided it was time to compile the complete list of awful dubstep remixes. The worst of the worst. You’re excited, right?

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Shayno89 Shayno89 said on Fri 26th Jul, 2013
"New "shit" sums it up pretty well.."
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scottyk82 scottyk82 said on Mon 24th Jun, 2013
"Massive DS fan. But whadda hell?"
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Lachlan Cole Lachlan Cole said on Thu 2nd May, 2013
"I think this needs a competition... Btw Lawlietskyy - ve..."
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andosound andosound said on Sat 19th Nov, 2011
""Genocide on red-heads %u2013 we%u2019ve all thought abou..."
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LunarCat LunarCat said on Fri 11th Nov, 2011
"The image is enough for me.... I think I'll pass when it ..."