My top five hardstyle classics with Toneshifterz

My top five hardstyle classics with Toneshifterz

By ITM HQ 24th Mar, 2015

The 2013 inthemix Awards results are in!25

The 2013 inthemix Awards results are in!

By Katie Cunningham 11th Jul, 2013

Behind the festival: IQON13

Behind the festival: IQON

By ITM HQ 25th Feb, 2013

We spoke to the Q-dance masterminds to find out more about IQON's 2013 debut.

Toneshifterz: Countdown to IQON1

Toneshifterz: Countdown to IQON

By ITM HQ 20th Feb, 2013

In a series of artist features, we are putting the spotlight on some of the line-up stars set to take part in the premiere edition of IQON 2013.

The 2012 Defqon.1 line-up is here!427

The 2012 Defqon.1 line-up is here!

By Jack Tregoning 17th May, 2012

Ever since the last firework went off above Defqon.1 2011, hard dance fanatics have been counting down the days to its return.

inthemix awards reveals Australia’s new #1 DJs 442

inthemix awards reveals Australia’s new #1 DJs

By Dave Ruby Howe 25th Aug, 2011

It seems as though this year really is the year for new blood in Australian dance music! Check out the results from this year's intemix awards!

2011 inthemix Awards voting guide6

2011 inthemix Awards voting guide

By Dave Ruby Howe 18th Jul, 2011

Who better to take you through the ins and outs of this year's inthemix Awards voting than the two people who live it every day...ITM's editors! We dish the dirt on the top 50 DJs, the new categories and offer some predictions for what's ahead.

Toneshifterz: Magic City homecoming

Toneshifterz: Magic City homecoming

By ITM HQ 11th May, 2011

It should come as no surprise that 2011 is stacking up to be a momentous year for hardstyle duo Toneshifterz.

Toneshifterz: Shifting It Hardstyle2

Toneshifterz: Shifting It Hardstyle

By Paula Harrison 27th Nov, 2009

Toneshifterz are fast becoming one of the biggest and best things to come from the Australian hardstyle scene. ITM was lucky enough to get to spend a little time getting to know more about this dynamic duo.

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"itm loses all credibility"
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"Q dance always puts on a great show, I can't wait to see ..."
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"Get better soon Elie!"
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"keen for organ donors and phil york. not keen for faggot..."
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"kids these days."
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