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Electric Wire Hustle

Peats Ridge Festival announces New Year's line-up3

Peats Ridge Festival announces New Year's line-up

By Jack Tregoning 2nd Aug, 2012

Entering its ninth year now, Peats Ridge has established itself as one of Australia’s leading New Year’s festivals.

Sydney Festival announces 2012 line-up23

Sydney Festival announces 2012 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 2nd Nov, 2011

From 7 to 29 January 2012, Sydney Festival will light up the Harbour City with good times galore.

musica/TUMBALONG @ Tumbalong Park, Sydney (22/10/2011)65

musica/TUMBALONG @ Tumbalong Park, Sydney (22/10/2011)

By Angus Paterson 31st Oct, 2011

The sunny sky and 25+ degree weather on Saturday was the right kind of omen, for the debut of an event where the organisers were really going out on a limb.

Damn fine festivalling: musica/TUMBALONG37

Damn fine festivalling: musica/TUMBALONG

By Jack Tregoning 25th Oct, 2011

Sydney turned on a picture-perfect spring day over the weekend for musica/TUMBALONG, and the good times did roll.

música /TUMBALONG set times announced24

música /TUMBALONG set times announced

By Katie Cunningham 17th Oct, 2011

Sydney festival música /TUMBALONG unveils the set times for it's inaugural event - and it's clash free!

música announces special outdoor event for October1819

música announces special outdoor event for October

By Jack Tregoning 18th Jul, 2011

Having earned a reputation for high-quality parties in Sydney, música is heading outdoors this October.

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mr flauge mr flauge said on Sun 5th Aug, 2012
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JackT JackT said on Thu 3rd Nov, 2011
"January - the month of working week hangovers"
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Henry Johnstone Henry Johnstone said on Tue 1st Nov, 2011
"Yo, James, I don't think the minor mistakes you point out..."
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thesuntoucher thesuntoucher said on Thu 27th Oct, 2011
"Baths was sick I think...still, it was a great day."
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thunderbot thunderbot said on Tue 18th Oct, 2011
"BATHS is unwell apparently :-("
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