Listen: Frontliner’s top five tracks for Defqon.1

Listen: Frontliner’s top five tracks for Defqon.1

By Nick Jarvis 11th Sep, 2013

Frontliner joins the 2013 Defqon.1 mainstage line-up2

Frontliner joins the 2013 Defqon.1 mainstage line-up

By Jack Tregoning 19th Aug, 2013

Frontliner – IQON promo mix2

Frontliner – IQON promo mix

By Jack Tregoning 5th Mar, 2013

In preparation for his performance at IQON, the melodyman himself Frontliner provided us with this special IQON promo mix.

Frontliner: Countdown to IQON

Frontliner: Countdown to IQON

By ITM HQ 5th Mar, 2013

In preparation for his performance at IQON we had a chat to the melodyman himself, Frontliner.

Behind the festival: IQON13

Behind the festival: IQON

By ITM HQ 25th Feb, 2013

We spoke to the Q-dance masterminds to find out more about IQON's 2013 debut.

Q-dance reveals IQON 2013 line-up210

Q-dance reveals IQON 2013 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 7th Jan, 2013

With Defqon.1 now firmly established as one of the most eagerly-anticipated dates on the Australian calendar, Q-dance has announced another outdoor festival that’s set to be just as big: IQON. Now the line-up is here.

The 2012 Defqon.1 line-up is here!427

The 2012 Defqon.1 line-up is here!

By Jack Tregoning 17th May, 2012

Ever since the last firework went off above Defqon.1 2011, hard dance fanatics have been counting down the days to its return.

Defqon.1 tickets on sale now18

Defqon.1 tickets on sale now

By Jack Tregoning 1st Jun, 2010

With the mammoth 2010 line-up locked down, now is the time to secure yourself a spot at Defqon.1.

Defqon.1 reveals huge 2010 line-up26

Defqon.1 reveals huge 2010 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 30th May, 2010

Following 2009’s explosive debut, Defqon.1 returns to the Sydney International Regatta Centre on Saturday 18 September – and now the stage line-ups have been unveiled!

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KRiSTEEmau5 KRiSTEEmau5 said on Tue 20th Aug, 2013
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jacktherussell jacktherussell said on Mon 11th Mar, 2013
"Hard Dance is the most putrid genre of music."
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Technocolour Technocolour said on Thu 28th Feb, 2013
"Q dance always puts on a great show, I can't wait to see ..."
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Djaze71 Djaze71 said on Tue 26th Mar, 2013
"damn i wish i could go. "
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ajaxism ajaxism said on Sun 29th Jul, 2012
"keen for organ donors and phil york. not keen for faggot..."
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