Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man

Dubstep: Friend or foe?1292

Dubstep: Friend or foe?

By ITM HQ 13th Jan, 2012

“I don’t think it’ll go overground as such,” predicted the 17-year-old Benga in 2003. Nine years on, it's more a question of: just how overground can dubstep go?

Benga: Dubstep will evolve55

Benga: Dubstep will evolve

By Katie Cunningham 11th Dec, 2011

"As long the producers keep it moving and keep it interesting, people are going to be interested in the music". Genre pioneer Benga defends dubstep's prospects.

Download the new Skream and Benga EP for free3

Download the new Skream and Benga EP for free

By Katie Cunningham 6th Dec, 2011

The oft-christened "Godfathers of dubstep" Skream and Benga have released a new joint EP - and you can download it for free!

New Magnetic Man album early next year5

New Magnetic Man album early next year

By Katie Cunningham 23rd Nov, 2011

Benga has revealed on his Facebook that we can expect a new Magnetic Man album early next year. Get ready for the drop!

Parklife @ Wellington Square, Perth (26/09/2011)1

Parklife @ Wellington Square, Perth (26/09/2011)

By Chris Herbert 6th Oct, 2011

With so many acts spread across the site, highlights came thick and fast at Parklife.

Parklife @ Botanical Gardens, Brisbane (01/10/2011)1

Parklife @ Botanical Gardens, Brisbane (01/10/2011)

By Jimmy R 6th Oct, 2011

In the 'year of the wobble', Australia's premier electro-indie festival Parklife descends on the Botanic Gardens.

Parklife @ Kippax Lake, Sydney (02/10/2011)

Parklife @ Kippax Lake, Sydney (02/10/2011)

By Bella Larkins 6th Oct, 2011

Not rain, cloud or mud could stand in the way of Sydney starting off the festival season with a bang.

Parklife @ Botanic Park, Adelaide (03/10/2011)

Parklife @ Botanic Park, Adelaide (03/10/2011)

By Paige Richards 6th Oct, 2011

The monster Parklife tour rolls into Adelaide with one less headliner, but no shortage of dirty tunes.

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Bowl, Melbourne (24/09/11)1

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Bowl, Melbourne (24/09/11)

By Katie Cunningham 30th Sep, 2011

Parklife 2011 kicks off in Melbourne with a massive lineup, a devoted crowd and one long, long line to get in.

Melbourne's wild Parklife after-party17

Melbourne's wild Parklife after-party

By Jack Tregoning 27th Sep, 2011

After spending 20-plus hours on a plane down here, who could blame the stars of Parklife 2011 for wanting to cut loose?

Magnetic Man: Twisting people up 2

Magnetic Man: Twisting people up

By Nick Leighton 22nd Sep, 2011

What started as a secret project has become a global behemoth for the three men behind Magnetic Man.

Parklife 2011 live preview611

Parklife 2011 live preview

By ITM HQ 9th Sep, 2011

Parklife has pulled together a blockbuster line-up in 2011, with live acts leading the way. With much to buzz about, the inthemix Editors decided to delve deeper into a host of the performances we’ll see lighting up the stage.

Parklife preview: Magnetic Man talk up 'limitless' live show38

Parklife preview: Magnetic Man talk up 'limitless' live show

By Jack Tregoning 6th Sep, 2011

Parklife will be our first audience with the celebrated Magnetic Man live show. So, what can we expect?

Exit Festival reviewed312

Exit Festival reviewed

By Jonno Seidler 20th Jul, 2011

EXIT is a suspension of reality. Punters literally party all night and sleep during the day, beer costs less than a dollar and there is no curfew. Is it any surprise the fortress is crawling with Australians?

Listen: Magnetic Man live at EXIT Festival

Listen: Magnetic Man live at EXIT Festival

By Jack Tregoning 11th Jul, 2011

Want to get yourself primed for Magnetic Man at Parklife? Well, the dubstep crossover stars just spent the weekend at EXIT Festival, and you can hear their full mainstage set.

Benga - Smack Your Bitch Up

UK dubstep supremo and Magnetic Man member Benga offers up the video for his latest single, 'Smack Your Bitch Up'.
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