Dubstep: Friend or foe?1292

Dubstep: Friend or foe?

By ITM HQ 13th Jan, 2012

“I don’t think it’ll go overground as such,” predicted the 17-year-old Benga in 2003. Nine years on, it's more a question of: just how overground can dubstep go?

New Magnetic Man album early next year5

New Magnetic Man album early next year

By Katie Cunningham 23rd Nov, 2011

Benga has revealed on his Facebook that we can expect a new Magnetic Man album early next year. Get ready for the drop!

Magnetic Man - Mad21

Magnetic Man - Mad

By Dave Ruby Howe 10th Jun, 2010

Built from the collective bass-loving styles of UK young guns Skream, Benga and Artwork, here comes the year’s most-talked about supergroup, Magnetic Man.

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ArmySniperDan ArmySniperDan said on Sat 1st Sep, 2012
"more like Dumbstep or Lamestep"
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JackT JackT said on Wed 23rd Nov, 2011
"Yeah, he mentioned both albums."
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i_have_ADD i_have_ADD said on Thu 10th Jun, 2010
"i really enjoyed that, cannot wait for this album. a dubs..."
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