Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is suing LMFAO for copyright infringement2

Rick Ross is suing LMFAO for copyright infringement

By Katie Cunningham 2nd Jan, 2014

Trap Music: The new dubstep?330

Trap Music: The new dubstep?

By Christopher Kevin Au 2nd Jul, 2012

But what does trap music mean for EDM, and does it really have the potential to become the next dubstep?

Clipse: Shining and grindin’1

Clipse: Shining and grindin’

By Dave Ruby Howe 15th Oct, 2010

inthemix gets a lesson in salmon-suited style from Pusha T of famed US rap prodigies Clipse. And we talk about a bunch of other stuff like Kanye and building an empire, but, you know, that salmon suit is pretty important.

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rogerroger rogerroger said on Mon 6th Jan, 2014
"given rick ross ripped his name from a infamous drug deal..."
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Leelalou Leelalou said on Wed 30th Jan, 2013
"It's rap, without the vocals. Oh this scene is going dow..."
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cheechvda cheechvda said on Mon 18th Oct, 2010
"i really wana go to the show but the crowd it will attrac..."
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