Jamie XX

Jamie XX

Jamie XX

Jamie xx is a minimalist producer from the UK. He’s best known as one third of the group The xx but has made a name for himself as a producer and DJ in his own right. As well as a host of solo releases including a remix record of Gil Scott Heron’s I’m New Here he’s produced for Drake, Alicia Keys and Rihanna, among others.

Six things Coachella's dance fans won't shut up about5

Six things Coachella's dance fans won't shut up about

By Jack Tregoning 17th Apr, 2013

Jamie xx announces headline shows2

Jamie xx announces headline shows

By ITM HQ 4th Mar, 2013

Jamie xx has announced three solo shows as part of this forthcoming tour with The xx.

The xx: Love songs for dancefloors1

The xx: Love songs for dancefloors

By Jack Tregoning 11th Sep, 2012

"We'd just listen to dance music and dance quite a lot. It was only natural that it would seep into the record." We got Jamie Smith on the phone to talk what's proven one of the year's most anticipated releases.

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djhitmanrocks djhitmanrocks said on Mon 7th Jul, 2014
"Lorde's best so far, Gets better with each release"
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Katie1309 Katie1309 said on Fri 27th Jun, 2014
"Great set%u2026but does he know who Slipmatt and JJ Frost..."
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slinky87 slinky87 said on Mon 23rd Sep, 2013
"Wow. Great lineup!"
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Igenius Igenius said on Sun 19th Oct, 2014
"Very Nice article. I Like it. Full of information. Keep ..."
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MegasusPegasus MegasusPegasus said on Sun 28th Apr, 2013
"So super jealous. :/ Sounds amazing!"
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Jamie XX

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