Deadmau5 gives his reasons for hating dubstep117

Deadmau5 gives his reasons for hating dubstep

By Katie Cunningham 10th Oct, 2012

“Dubstep: I don’t hate it for the culture; I love it for the culture. I don’t hate it for the artists. I hate it for the fucking sound." Joel Zimmerman speaks his mind.

Datsik's new 1

Datsik's new "massive vortex" live show

By Katie Cunningham 4th Sep, 2012

"It's really trippy. It looks like I'm floating in the middle of this concoction." Bass-bender Datsik's got an impressive new live show on the go.

Steve Aoki talks Dim Mak's 2012 albums2

Steve Aoki talks Dim Mak's 2012 albums

By Katie Cunningham 24th Jan, 2012

With a debut album from Datsik on the way, Infected Mushroom signing to the label, a Knife Party collaboration in the works and more Bloody Beetroots, 2012 is shaping up to be a busy year for Dim Mak.

Korn - The Path Of Totality312

Korn - The Path Of Totality

By Dave Ruby Howe 7th Dec, 2011

Korn does dubstep and in the process gets the world to give half a shit about Korn again.

Datsik: Do you like bass? 4

Datsik: Do you like bass?

By Jack Tregoning 30th Nov, 2011

“Long, but amazing day full of bass, private jets and helicopters,” wrote Datsik on his Facebook as Stereosonic Perth came to a close. “Is this real life?"

Datsik talks dubstep's US/UK divide 19

Datsik talks dubstep's US/UK divide

By Jack Tregoning 22nd Sep, 2011

"When you talk to people from the UK, they say Canada and the US are all about noisy dubstep." Stereosonic-bound bass bender Datsik muses on the future of his heavy-duty sound.

Stereosonic Radio exclusive to inthemix – #1 with Andy Murphy52

Stereosonic Radio exclusive to inthemix – #1 with Andy Murphy

By Dave Ruby Howe 27th Jul, 2011

Andy Murphy is kicking off ITM's Stereosonic Radio with an exclusive mix featuring some of the festival's heaviest hitters!

Foreshore's 2011 festival lineup26

Foreshore's 2011 festival lineup

By Dave Ruby Howe 21st Jul, 2011

The 2011 Foreshore festival lineup is here and it's a massive one! Bring on the start of the summer in the capital!

America’s first touring dance festival16

America’s first touring dance festival

By Dave Ruby Howe 10th May, 2011

The upstart Identity festival tour will hit up over 20 US cities in August (the peak of their summer) for what some people are already calling the EDM equivalent of the Vans Warped Tour.

Mad Decent moves on to Moombahton3

Mad Decent moves on to Moombahton

By Dave Ruby Howe 2nd May, 2011

Diplo’s record label Mad Decent is now getting ready to spotlight another that’s popular with ‘the kids’ these days; Moombahton.

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newitt newitt said on Mon 10th Feb, 2014
"'The club cant even handle me right now.....'"
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Suspekt Suspekt said on Thu 11th Apr, 2013
"A little bit of goodness among a whole lot of tripe. God ..."
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DJ_LG DJ_LG said on Wed 24th Oct, 2012
"fuck all the haters"
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Matthew de Groot Matthew de Groot said on Tue 4th Sep, 2012
"Wow, another new shape to aim a projector at."
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daverh daverh said on Tue 24th Jan, 2012
"He's got the market cornered on this scene, well done Steve."