Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion

Lollapalooza drops gargantuan 2013 lineup3

Lollapalooza drops gargantuan 2013 lineup

By Katie Cunningham 2nd Apr, 2013

Flux Pavilion:

Flux Pavilion: "I would love to write an ambient album "

By Katie Cunningham 12th Mar, 2013

When inthemix got Josh Steele on the phone, bass wasn't the only thing on his mind.

Riot police shut down Flux Pavilion's free gig6

Riot police shut down Flux Pavilion's free gig

By Katie Cunningham 15th Nov, 2012

Last night in Santa Monica, Flux Pavilion was meant to be throwing a free gig for some dedicated fans. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as planned.

I Love Techno drops 2012 festival line-up110

I Love Techno drops 2012 festival line-up

By Katie Cunningham 29th Aug, 2012

This year, Belgium's mega indoor festival 'loves' plenty of dubstep, hip-hop and house, too.

Fear and Raving In Las Vegas: 100 hours in Sin City915

Fear and Raving In Las Vegas: 100 hours in Sin City

By Jack Tregoning 21st Aug, 2012

From the clubs and pool parties to Electric Daisy Carnival out in the desert, inthemix heads out in Las Vegas to see if dance music can thrive in the gaudiest place on earth.

Flux Pavilion talks the 12

Flux Pavilion talks the "very loud sub" theme of new album

By Jack Tregoning 15th Aug, 2012

"There are probably four or five ‘big’ tracks."

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"also, The Cure"