Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware: Always 110%21

Jessie Ware: Always 110%

By Carla Figueroa Pavez 28th Jan, 2013

In the lead-up to her debut Australian tour with Laneway Festival, inthemix caught up with the woman behind 'Devotion'.

Laneway Festival 2013 lineup is here515

Laneway Festival 2013 lineup is here

By Katie Cunningham 25th Sep, 2012

They promised "one of the most amazing lineups we've ever had" and we've got to hand it to them, Laneway have delivered for 2013.

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flatty88 flatty88 said on Thu 11th Apr, 2013
"Given there is 3 channels going at the same time, I would..."
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daveyjaye daveyjaye said on Wed 30th Jan, 2013
"god damn she is such a babe"
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BMoney BMoney said on Sat 29th Sep, 2012