Tiga’s six golden rules for producers1313

Tiga’s six golden rules for producers

By DJ Tiga 21st Mar, 2013

In this inthemix Guest Editorial, Canadian tastemaker Tiga shares the wisdom he's gathered over his years in the studio.

25 Festivals to Discover Before You Die1940

25 Festivals to Discover Before You Die

By ITM HQ 21st Mar, 2013

Right now, we’re right in the thick of our festival season, with a revolving door of A-list names making the long haul down here. What about when the weather takes a turn for the chilly, though?

Tiga's giveaway: Proxy - Junk1

Tiga's giveaway: Proxy - Junk

By Jack Tregoning 27th Nov, 2012

To celebrate the release of his new mix-CD, 'Non-Stop', Tiga is spending a few days presiding over the pages of inthemix. While he's here, he's kindly offering up a free download from one of his Turbo Recordings recruits, Proxy.

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Plife_23 Plife_23 said on Wed 9th Apr, 2014
"Surely PR(10)DA deserves a mention?"
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Go To Girl Go To Girl said on Thu 9th Jan, 2014
"Yay Daft Punk! "
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Saliki Saliki said on Mon 16th Sep, 2013
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Twatly chillin Twatly chillin said on Thu 5th Sep, 2013
"aaaaaarrrrrhhhh fuck yeah get lower "
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PhatD PhatD said on Fri 7th Jun, 2013
"no DC-10 no care "