Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz

Techno's finest gather for Time Warp9

Techno's finest gather for Time Warp

By Jack Tregoning 6th Apr, 2011

If you’re willing to drop a few grand in the name of techno, mark a trip to Time Warp in your diary for 2012. Here's why.

Tomorrowland 2011 festival lineup415

Tomorrowland 2011 festival lineup

By Dave Ruby Howe 22nd Feb, 2011

The organisers behind Belgium’s Tomorrowland festival are refusing to rest on their laurels, announcing the first round of acts for what will undoubtedly be a massive 2011 party.

Techno nirvana at Time Warp 201117

Techno nirvana at Time Warp 2011

By Jack Tregoning 6th Jan, 2011

If after Future Music Festival you’re still hankering for more of Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin, help is at hand.

Henrik Schwarz: The art of the unexpected11

Henrik Schwarz: The art of the unexpected

By Jack Tregoning 5th Jan, 2011

If the last two years have been all work (and a bit of play) for Henrik Schwarz, in 2011 we’ll enjoy the fruits of his labour.

ITM names the greatest live acts in dance music32

ITM names the greatest live acts in dance music

By Dave Ruby Howe 7th Jul, 2010

We put the call out to the ITM contributor massive about who they rate as dance music's greatest live acts and the response was simply enormous. Here's the Top 30 dance artists who just kill it live. How does your list match up?

Henrik Schwarz: An experience you can't download31

Henrik Schwarz: An experience you can't download

By Jack Tregoning 10th Dec, 2009

If there’s one thing that has defined the career of Henrik Schwarz, it’s consistency. In recent years he's been responsible for some of the most enduring house tracks around. Here he talks to ITM about the shared joy of the dancefloor experience.

Henrik Schwarz: 21st century jazz1

Henrik Schwarz: 21st century jazz

By Jitwam Sinha 31st Dec, 2007

Who would have thought jazz and techno would make such comfortable bedfellows? It’s an interesting combination to say the least, but thanks to figures like Germany’s Henrik Schwarz we’re increasingly hearing the two words said in the same breath.

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pomrocks pomrocks said on Fri 3rd Jan, 2014
"more info on the Marcus Worgull gig here; http://www.face..."
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bulldozer bulldozer said on Thu 16th May, 2013
"A positive comment on an inthemix article from lawlietsky..."
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dwyzie dwyzie said on Thu 7th Apr, 2011
":( makes me sad to think that I thought we got some decen..."
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i_am_wesel i_am_wesel said on Fri 25th Feb, 2011
"Muzzas go to the QDance stage at this event. This will be..."
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itis-sullo itis-sullo said on Thu 6th Jan, 2011
"Wow, very nice"
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