Dirty South

Dirty South, aka Dragan Roganovic, made an instant name for himself in the dance music industry, impressing the who’s who of international DJs, producers, media and music lovers with his uncanny ability to dish up ready-made dancefloor bombs. Dragan’s thirst for music took a hold of him from a young age. Unable to afford turntables, the youngster began ‘mixing’ with an old NEC cassette deck, while his growing fascination with production saw him re-jig his home computer and start to make beats with it using demo music software. The international attention didn’t take too long to swell.

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Where & When

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lawlietskyy lawlietskyy said on Tue 29th Apr, 2014
"Marquee. LOL"
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kane2188 kane2188 said on Fri 12th Jul, 2013
"itm loses all credibility"
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scottyk82 scottyk82 said on Thu 11th Jul, 2013
"Track was good back in March."
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Jerry Jerry said on Wed 12th Jun, 2013
"So many Australian acts, is it run by Australians or some..."
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PhatD PhatD said on Fri 7th Jun, 2013
"no DC-10 no care "