Death From Above 1979

Death From Above 1979

Death From Above 1979

Why is Death From Above 1979 back together? Take it from Sebastien himself: “Why not say YES to playing the music we designed to be an undeniable source of power? Why not say YES to stirring up a writhing pit of sweaty humans? YES to riots! YES to heavy music! YES instead of maybe, and YES to make death your adviser and remind yourself always, that this is not a dress rehearsal. This is the big show.”

Prepare for “the big show” to blow your feeble mind at Parklife 2011!

New Order & SHM on the bill at Ultra Music Festival, Brazil2

New Order & SHM on the bill at Ultra Music Festival, Brazil

By Katie Cunningham 25th Oct, 2011

New Order are joining Swedish House Mafia, Duck Sauce and MSTRKRFT on the line-up at Ultra Music Festival in São Paulo. Take that, Peter Hook!

Parklife @ Botanical Gardens, Brisbane (01/10/2011)1

Parklife @ Botanical Gardens, Brisbane (01/10/2011)

By Jimmy R 6th Oct, 2011

In the 'year of the wobble', Australia's premier electro-indie festival Parklife descends on the Botanic Gardens.

Parklife @ Kippax Lake, Sydney (02/10/2011)

Parklife @ Kippax Lake, Sydney (02/10/2011)

By Bella Larkins 6th Oct, 2011

Not rain, cloud or mud could stand in the way of Sydney starting off the festival season with a bang.

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Bowl, Melbourne (24/09/11)1

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Bowl, Melbourne (24/09/11)

By Katie Cunningham 30th Sep, 2011

Parklife 2011 kicks off in Melbourne with a massive lineup, a devoted crowd and one long, long line to get in.

Parklife's 2011 lineup47119

Parklife's 2011 lineup

By Dave Ruby Howe 15th Jun, 2011

inthemix has the 2011 Parklife lineup announcement. READ IT!

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FluxZero FluxZero said on Mon 15th Aug, 2011
"How did I only just see Magnetic Man in the line up... Su..."
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Death From Above 1979

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