Radio Soulwax finally lifts off55

Radio Soulwax finally lifts off

By Dave Ruby Howe 1st Jul, 2011

Soulwax’s fully functional streaming station Radio Soulwax has at last launched online. And it looks like a ripper.

2manydjs one-off sideshow1

2manydjs one-off sideshow

By Dave Ruby Howe 5th May, 2011

Back in the country soon as a part of the Modular programmed Vivid LIVE festival in Sydney, Soulwax offshoot 2manydjs will spread the love and head out on their own sideshow.

Drop The Lime says “f*** those Ableton DJs”35

Drop The Lime says “f*** those Ableton DJs”

By Dave Ruby Howe 4th May, 2011

“You go and see a DJ play and they’re this mysterious character up in the ceiling like a god or something. I don’t want that." Drop The Lime tells all about his decision to go live.

One Man Party [Soulwax] @ Elsewhere, Gold Coast (17/10/2010)2

One Man Party [Soulwax] @ Elsewhere, Gold Coast (17/10/2010)

By Jimmy R 20th Oct, 2010

Still fresh from Parklife, Steve Slingeneyer from Soulwax has unofficially found his second home in Australia.

Parklife: the inthemix debrief44

Parklife: the inthemix debrief

By Jack Tregoning 7th Oct, 2010

Fuzzy’s annual spring romp Parklife is done and dusted for another year, and inthemix was there the whole way.

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (02/10/2010)1

Parklife @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (02/10/2010)

By Mathew Knight 5th Oct, 2010

Parklife came to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl to start summer early.

Parklife does Sydney and Melbourne7

Parklife does Sydney and Melbourne

By Jack Tregoning 4th Oct, 2010

The Parklife juggernaut made its two biggest stops over the weekend, with back-to-back shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

Parklife @ Botanical Gardens, Brisbane (25/09/2010)1

Parklife @ Botanical Gardens, Brisbane (25/09/2010)

By Jimmy R 28th Sep, 2010

One of Australia's youngest and most energetic festivals, Parklife, has delightfully returned for another year to Brisbane’s beautiful Botanical Gardens with a lineup that simply oozes brilliance.

Parklife 2010 @ Wellington Square, Perth (26/09/10)14

Parklife 2010 @ Wellington Square, Perth (26/09/10)

By Samantha Duddy 28th Sep, 2010

After a particularly cold winter, finally Perth had some warm weather, a long weekend and Parklife.

Berlin Festival shut down for fear of Love Parade repeat1

Berlin Festival shut down for fear of Love Parade repeat

By Dave Ruby Howe 13th Sep, 2010

Evidently still wary of the dark shadow cast on outdoor European festivals after the disaster at Love Parade this year, this weekend’s Berlin Festival was shut down early by organisers due to over-crowding concerns.

2manydjs added to Parklife festivities510

2manydjs added to Parklife festivities

By Jack Tregoning 10th Sep, 2010

It's already a certainty that Soulwax will be one of the highlights of the fast-approaching Parklife tour, and it turns out we’ll be getting a double dose of Dewaele magic.

Soulwax: The Main Event413

Soulwax: The Main Event

By Dave Ruby Howe 10th Sep, 2010

ITM caught up with the Belgian supergroup Soulwax to talk about their live show plans for Parklife as well as some open and intelligent chatter on dance music in 2010.