Stereosonic announces blockbuster 2014 line-up19

Stereosonic announces blockbuster 2014 line-up

By Katie Cunningham 29th Jul, 2014

Carl Cox reveals Space Ibiza phase 2 lineup1

Carl Cox reveals Space Ibiza phase 2 lineup

By Andrew Wowk 28th Mar, 2013

Sónar Festival 2012: inthemix goes to Barcelona66

Sónar Festival 2012: inthemix goes to Barcelona

By Angus Paterson 30th Jun, 2012

The scope of the dance music frivolities taking place across the spectacular Spanish city of Barcelona across the duration of the Sónar Festival are nearly too spectacular and far-reaching to even get your head around.

Carl Cox reveals his 2012 Ibiza recruits18

Carl Cox reveals his 2012 Ibiza recruits

By Jack Tregoning 11th May, 2012

With scene hero Carl Cox at the helm, The Revolution at Space remains one of Ibiza’s standout success stories.

Tracklist for Deetron's 'Balance 20'112

Tracklist for Deetron's 'Balance 20'

By Jack Tregoning 20th Sep, 2011

The sprawling tracklist for Deetron's 'Balance' two-parter looks the business. Naturally.

Deetron tells ITM he’s doing 'Balance 20'17

Deetron tells ITM he’s doing 'Balance 20'

By Jack Tregoning 13th Sep, 2011

Speaking to inthemix last night, Swiss DJ-producer Deetron revealed some stellar news.

Deetron: Swiss precision 33

Deetron: Swiss precision

By Jack Tregoning 14th Sep, 2010

For Sam Geiser, better known to dancefloor enthusiasts as Deetron, there are almost limitless possibilities in DJing.

Is the future of dance music in the live arena?1021

Is the future of dance music in the live arena?

By Dave Ruby Howe 25th Aug, 2010

Soulwax, Tiga, The Aston Shuffle and more give their thoughts to inthemix about dance music's gradual shift into the live arena, why it's happened and where to go from here.

Deetron:  Twisted over techno

Deetron: Twisted over techno

By 5th Sep, 2006

With an Australian tour looming, we can expect his own unique brand of booty shakin electronica to fill clubs and empty water bottles across the nation in the coming months. If you know real Techno, you know Deetron aka Sam Geiser.

Deetron: Droppin' the D-Tron Bomb

Deetron: Droppin' the D-Tron Bomb

By Jeremy Balius 10th Aug, 2005

In a secret laboratory tucked away in Bern, Switzerland, scientists invented an extremely lethal weapon of massive destruction using hyper-genetics and thought-control through tonalities and far-reaching frequencies. The project was labeled the 'D-tron b

Summer Advent*Jah Festival @ RNA Showgrounds

Summer Advent*Jah Festival @ RNA Showgrounds

By Nikki Blunt 9th Dec, 2003

For some members of the Brisbane raver massive, the summer Advent*jah festival is better than Christmas. This year, the line-up was enormous. With the likes of old-skool rap super stars Public Enemy head lining the event, Advent*jah was bound to be intere

Deetron: The geiser himself

Deetron: The geiser himself

By Micka K 18th Nov, 2003

ITM's RezoK talks with Deetron, the Swiss DJ/producer who is responsible for all manner of hits, not to mention an awesome and flowing DJ style. The following is an interesting tale of jazz music, technology and taking it to every pocket of the globe.

FreeNRG: Notes from the edge of the dance floor

FreeNRG: Notes from the edge of the dance floor

By Francine Sculli 4th Jun, 2002

FreeNRG: Notes from the edge of the dance floor is a book, which does not simply portray a history of dance music in Australia, in fact it rarely touches on the roots of dance music in Australia and pre-warns its readers of this notion in the openi

Deetron: double exposed

Deetron: double exposed

By Cyclone Wehner 20th Jul, 2001

Deetron, aka Sam Geiser, started out as a hip-hopper. But now he belongs to a new generation of techno DJs/producers from Europe. Melbourne's Cyclone spoke to him on the eve of his only Australian performance at Fokus in Melbourne...

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