Born and raised on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, tyDi has been voted #1 on the ITM DJ Poll as Australia’s favourite DJ for two consecutive years. He accepted the award for Best Breakthrough DJ at the 2010 International Dance Music Awards in Miami, personally presented to him by Tiesto. tyDi has toured around the world, playing at some of the worlds leading festivals such as Sensation, Global Gathering and Godskitchen.

Future Music Festival announces mega 2013 line-up1265

Future Music Festival announces mega 2013 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 9th Oct, 2012

Having raised the bar with 2012’s A-list cast, Future Music Festival has once again assembled a huge line-up for 2013.

The inthemix awards: Looking back at the winners3

The inthemix awards: Looking back at the winners

By ITM HQ 29th Aug, 2012

Before you cast your vote in this year's inthemix awards, take a look at back at nine years worth of winners.

Tydi: The major league211

Tydi: The major league

By Michelle Sawyer 14th Sep, 2011

From winning Brisbane’s DJ Wars at 16 to his current standing as one of the luminaries of Armin van Buuren's Armada label, it's been a rapid rise for Tydi.

2011 inthemix Awards voting guide6

2011 inthemix Awards voting guide

By Dave Ruby Howe 18th Jul, 2011

Who better to take you through the ins and outs of this year's inthemix Awards voting than the two people who live it every day...ITM's editors! We dish the dirt on the top 50 DJs, the new categories and offer some predictions for what's ahead.

ITM50 evolves into inthemix awards2219

ITM50 evolves into inthemix awards

By Dave Ruby Howe 20th Jun, 2011

With inthemix’s annual awards hitting its ninth incarnation in 2011, the whole thing is getting a makeover as the inthemix50 evolves into the inthemix awards. Find out when you'll be voting on your #1 DJ here.

A State of Trance 500 @ Acer Arena, Sydney (16/04/11)2

A State of Trance 500 @ Acer Arena, Sydney (16/04/11)

By Carla Figueroa Pavez 21st Apr, 2011

It was Sydney’s turn to celebrate the biggest trance birthday of the decade - Armin van Buuren’s worldwide radio show A State of Trance 500.

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lawlietskyy lawlietskyy said on Tue 4th Nov, 2014
"Inconsistent mix of the year. Trash mix."
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Errol Flynn Errol Flynn said on Tue 22nd Jul, 2014
"cool list if youre a 12yo child"
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LeTronique LeTronique said on Tue 17th Dec, 2013
"I couldn't agree more. EDM has turned into a weak formula..."
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cam_burke15 cam_burke15 said on Wed 2nd Oct, 2013
"tyDi - doin it all ova tha world"
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kane2188 kane2188 said on Fri 12th Jul, 2013
"itm loses all credibility"