Francois K

Francois K

Francois K

François K is a remixer, producer and DJ who has constantly remained at the forefront of innovative dance music for the past 25 years. François is the founder and president of the independent Wave Music label through which he has continually released an eclectic catalogue of music.

Is dance music really 1271

Is dance music really "a walk in the park"?

By ITM HQ 5th Jan, 2012

Noel Gallagher reckons "dance music sounds like a walk in the park now". Is there a worthy point buried somewhere in his blustering?

inthemix keeps you company this Christmas4

inthemix keeps you company this Christmas

By Dave Ruby Howe 24th Dec, 2010

We’ve prepared a little care package to get you through the Christmas days. We’re pretty good like that.

The art of DJing, by François K1018

The art of DJing, by François K

By Jack Tregoning 22nd Dec, 2010

The return of François Kevorkian to Australia this New Years Eve is something of a momentous occasion. On the eve of the tour, inthemix hands the floor to the dance music titan.

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BMoney BMoney said on Thu 30th May, 2013
"Genius. True live creation"
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scottyk82 scottyk82 said on Fri 16th Mar, 2012
"Fuck it... I'll go purely cause I can "
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kevinth kevinth said on Fri 3rd Feb, 2012
"@ Conor- ur avatar is sexy as hell..."
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d_ess d_ess said on Sat 1st Jan, 2011
"Fantastic read, will be coming back to this no doubt. I t..."
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Francois K

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