Portishead are a music group from Bristol in the UK who have released four albums to date. Their sound was initially known for it’s sampling of jazz and hip-hop beats in fusion with synth and the haunting vocals of Beth Gibbons.

From bass to crowd-surfing babies: Glastonbury in review

From bass to crowd-surfing babies: Glastonbury in review

By Katie Cunningham 1st Jul, 2013

Glastonbury announces huge 2013 line-up3

Glastonbury announces huge 2013 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 28th Mar, 2013

Portishead: Pioneers34

Portishead: Pioneers

By 17th Nov, 2011

Recently, Portishead returned to Australia for Harvest Festival, marking their first live appearance in the country since 1998. In the lead up to their long-awaited return to our shores, we spoke to band member Geoff Barrow.

Exit Festival reviewed312

Exit Festival reviewed

By Jonno Seidler 20th Jul, 2011

EXIT is a suspension of reality. Punters literally party all night and sleep during the day, beer costs less than a dollar and there is no curfew. Is it any surprise the fortress is crawling with Australians?

The biggest festival you’ve probably never heard of...11

The biggest festival you’ve probably never heard of...

By Jack Tregoning 12th Jul, 2011

When the weather takes a turn for the chilly, we here at inthemix can’t resist keeping a jealous eye on what’s happening in the summery Northern Hemisphere.

Portishead: A perfect dose of melancholy1

Portishead: A perfect dose of melancholy

By Julian Cram 13th Jun, 2008

Portishead were one of those amazing 90s acts that managed the cross over into the mainstream, though you should never call them a 'pop' act - because technically, the trio's melancholic sounds are the antithesis of mainstream pop music.

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qoop qoop said on Thu 28th Mar, 2013
"nice enough line-up at just 1 stage :thumb: Chic ft. Nil..."
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libby libby said on Tue 22nd Nov, 2011
"my vote goes to Portishead. so intense, the sound and vis..."
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Dejan Novi Sad Dejan Novi Sad said on Mon 25th Jul, 2011
"Hey Jonathan, I was waiting this review eagerly. Excelle..."
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robohan robohan said on Mon 18th Jul, 2011
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