Everyone ever does 2011 Amsterdam Dance Event111

Everyone ever does 2011 Amsterdam Dance Event

By Dave Ruby Howe 18th Aug, 2011

Going down from October 19th to the 22nd, 2011’s ADE festival will come to some 52 venues across Amsterdam, filling each with a jaw-dropping array of artists from around the world. We're already envious and it hasn't even started.

Apparat: The reluctant raver4

Apparat: The reluctant raver

By Jack Tregoning 23rd Apr, 2010

The long-overdue Australian tour from electronic prodigy Apparat is almost upon us - despite the best efforts of a pesky volcano. ITM hears from the man why a hypnotised dancefloor is the ultimate compliment.

Moderat: Modeselektor + Apparat = electronic perfection13

Moderat: Modeselektor + Apparat = electronic perfection

By Angus Paterson 10th Jun, 2009

The duo of Modeselektor and Apparat have once again teamed up to create electronic perfection in the form of 'Moderat'. ITM finds out more about one of this year’s most exciting dance music unions.

Modeselektor: Switching and pitching with Berlin's variety band

Modeselektor: Switching and pitching with Berlin's variety band

By Semone Maksimovic 10th May, 2006

This weekend is set to see Gernot Bronsert & Sebastian Szary taking their debut steps in Australia, to give our minds a good old school cleanout, as they blow them to Kingdom Come! In the lead up to their shows, ITM managed to catch up with the hard-to ap

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PhatD PhatD said on Fri 7th Jun, 2013
"no DC-10 no care "
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theHordern theHordern said on Wed 1st May, 2013
"this is delicious news. a tour would be most appreciated."
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mulla mulla said on Fri 4th Nov, 2011
"ahhhhh yess... best "festival" ever. It's more of a confe..."
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