Dance music's Where Are They Now?1022

Dance music's Where Are They Now?

By Jack Tregoning 18th Jun, 2010

Ever wondered what became of those dance music identities who were once inescapable? Us too. With Jamiroquai’s bizarre cup noodle endorsement popping up this week, we thought it high time to ask the question: where are they now?

Kosheen:  Freaks of nature

Kosheen: Freaks of nature

By Liz Charles 19th Dec, 2005

In the late 1990's Bristol DJs Darren Decoder & Markee Substance were introduced to Sian Evans, a gifted singer who had left South Wales for a life of freedom with her son Yves. Today we know them as Kosheen.

Kosheen:  It's a three-way thing

Kosheen: It's a three-way thing

By Ayda Akcelik 7th Jan, 2002

The story begins when Bristol's breakbeat heavyweights Markee 'Substance' and Darren 'Decoder' chanced onto Welsh singer Sian Evans and formed the band now familiar to all of us as Kosheen.

Is <i>Hide U</i> the missing link?

Is Hide U the missing link?

By Martin McCawley 23rd Sep, 2001

Kosheen's smooth drum'n'bass number of last year has just been remixed by several artists, leaving the beats behind and inevitably layering the lyrics over four-four beats. But it's the original that's causing a real stir. Could it be the track to make d'

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