Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill

Deadmau5 announces new 13-track album35

Deadmau5 announces new 13-track album

By Jack Tregoning 10th Aug, 2012

With track titles like Failbait, Take Care of the Proper Paperwork and Fn Pig, you know it's a Deadmau5 album.

Good Vibrations lineup gets even bigger!3

Good Vibrations lineup gets even bigger!

By Angus Paterson 12th Dec, 2007

The lineup for next year’s festival was big to begin with, full of massive names from across the musical spectrum but now it’s blown out even more: The Nextmen feat. MC Yungun, Tittsworth, Dirty Laundry and more have all been added.

Global Festival @ Belmont Park, Perth (07/12/2003)

Global Festival @ Belmont Park, Perth (07/12/2003)

By Fleebes, Flipsidedown & Leftism 10th Dec, 2003

It seemed strangely ironic getting up early on a Sunday for a dance event. Traditionally, Sundays are for sleeping, relaxing and wallowing in self-pity. A day for easy-listening radio and regurgitation. But this Sunday was a new concept. This Sunday