Tom Clark

Tom Clark

Tom Clark

ITM's Local Icons: Mad Racket, Sydney89

ITM's Local Icons: Mad Racket, Sydney

By Jack Tregoning 30th May, 2012

"We don't rely on it to make loads of money so we can eat, and our punters seem as keen as ever to cut a rug."

Tom Clark: Berlin underground

Tom Clark: Berlin underground

By Micka K 7th Oct, 2005

Thomas Haertel started to DJ in 1992 - a time when the German techno scene was far from what you would term flourishing. It was an era where the sound lacked its own identity - and where there were only a handful of labels and producers representin'.

Tom Clark:  Highgrade minimal funk

Tom Clark: Highgrade minimal funk

By Sara Giampa 5th May, 2003

With a number of releases and the first Highgrade CD compilation on the way, Tom Clark is Australian bound. ITM's Drexciyan talks to Tom about his days at Tresor, his labels and getting on the funk train.

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Ace21 Ace21 said on Fri 1st Jun, 2012
"A place for music enthusiasts. Viva Mad Racket. "
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Tom Clark

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