Counting down the days till your date with MSTRKRFT at Parklife 2011? You already know their old stuff like ‘Heartbreaker’ and now you’ve got plenty of time to get to know their latest tracks Beards Again and Back In The USSA before they arrive to kick-start our summer.

Remembering Ajax, by Erol Alkan, Beni, A-Trak, Soulwax and friends1

Remembering Ajax, by Erol Alkan, Beni, A-Trak, Soulwax and friends

By Jack Tregoning 8th Mar, 2013

Here are some heartfelt tributes to Adrian Thomas from his friends like A-Trak, Beni, Soulwax and Steve Aoki, as told to inthemix.

JFK MSTRKRFT: Solo and beyond1

JFK MSTRKRFT: Solo and beyond

By Katie Cunningham 3rd Sep, 2012

With the conversation spanning his solo plans, how MSTRKRFT will come back after the mixed reviews for 'Fist of God' and that controversial "electro is ruined" comment, there's plenty to chat to Jesse F. Keller about.

MSTRKRFT's Jesse is making a solo house album5

MSTRKRFT's Jesse is making a solo house album

By Katie Cunningham 22nd Aug, 2012

One half of the MSTRKRFT duo is branching out, Chicago style.

Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos520

Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos

By Katie Cunningham 9th Nov, 2011

After hours of careful research, inthemix has brought together 20 of the most controversial video clips to ever grace a television or computer screen. Turns out 2 Girls 1 Cup might not be the most confronting thing on the internet, after all.

New Order & SHM on the bill at Ultra Music Festival, Brazil2

New Order & SHM on the bill at Ultra Music Festival, Brazil

By Katie Cunningham 25th Oct, 2011

New Order are joining Swedish House Mafia, Duck Sauce and MSTRKRFT on the line-up at Ultra Music Festival in São Paulo. Take that, Peter Hook!

Parklife @ Kippax Lake, Sydney (02/10/2011)

Parklife @ Kippax Lake, Sydney (02/10/2011)

By Bella Larkins 6th Oct, 2011

Not rain, cloud or mud could stand in the way of Sydney starting off the festival season with a bang.

Parklife's 2011 lineup47119

Parklife's 2011 lineup

By Dave Ruby Howe 15th Jun, 2011

inthemix has the 2011 Parklife lineup announcement. READ IT!

The smuttiest dance videos ever1532

The smuttiest dance videos ever

By Dave Ruby Howe 13th Apr, 2011

ITM thought it was about time to look back on the (silicone enhanced) legacy of dance music’s porn-y videos and offer a definitive list of the smuttiest dance videos of all time, from the ridiculous to the rotten. We count down the top (or bottom) 30.

MSTRKRFT, Skrillex, Harvard Bass and more on Mortal Kombat soundtrack213

MSTRKRFT, Skrillex, Harvard Bass and more on Mortal Kombat soundtrack

By Dave Ruby Howe 25th Mar, 2011


Laidback Luke - Till Tonight (MSTRKRFT Remix)3

Laidback Luke - Till Tonight (MSTRKRFT Remix)

By Dave Ruby Howe 30th Sep, 2010

Electro legends MSTRKRFT wrap their remixing fingers around Laidback Luke's latest jam, the single 'Till Tonight' with vocals from Jonathan Mendelsohn,

MSTRKRFT [Audio]: Serving it up4

MSTRKRFT [Audio]: Serving it up

By Dave Ruby Howe 30th Apr, 2010

MSTRKRFT mastermind Jesse F. Keeler got on the phone with inthemix to hype up the electro duo’s return to Australia as a part of the very first Creamfields festival.

ITM does the Oscars6

ITM does the Oscars

By Dave Ruby Howe 8th Mar, 2010

Got Oscars fever like we do? Well don't fight it, embrace it like we have by fusing the two worlds of dance music and film into one big, weird, silly mess.

Art vs Science take Hottest 100 by surprise18

Art vs Science take Hottest 100 by surprise

By Tim Hardaker 26th Jan, 2010

Although this year’s Hottest 100 will most likely be remembered as the one where the horse bolted out of the gates four days in advance, the announcement of the full list still held some surprises for listeners of the Australia Day countdown.

MSTRKRFT: David Bowie, punk rock and Parklife2

MSTRKRFT: David Bowie, punk rock and Parklife

By Brooke Purse 5th Jun, 2009

Having built a solid reputation for creating killer tunes that ooze electronic goodness, MSTRKRFT have again served up a tasty selection with the release of 'Fist Of God'. And their presence on the Parklife lineup has now been officially confirmed!

First lineup leaks for Parklife 200937

First lineup leaks for Parklife 2009

By Tim Hardaker 7th Apr, 2009

We might be 6 months out from the kick-off date for Parklife 2009, but it doesn’t mean we’re not keen on finding out who Fuzzy have got on the bill. Right? Right!

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