Kyau & Albert

Kyau & Albert

Kyau & Albert

DJ Mag drip-feeding 150-101 in DJ Poll28

DJ Mag drip-feeding 150-101 in DJ Poll

By Jack Tregoning 19th Oct, 2012

'DJ Mag' has begun a slow reveal of the DJs voted #150-#101, and given some curious clues to lead us to the 'new' #1.

Kyau & Albert: Keeping things Euphonic3

Kyau & Albert: Keeping things Euphonic

By Angus Paterson 2nd Dec, 2009

Euphonic Records heads Kyau & Albert have been producing progressive trance together for 13 years now, and they just keep on delivering the goods. ITM talks to the pair ahead of their NYE gig at Heaven on Earth in Adelaide.

Kyau & Albert:  Worldvibe Down Under3

Kyau & Albert: Worldvibe Down Under

By Mark Luckey 2nd Apr, 2007

It's been a year since Kyau vs. Albert made their maiden voyage down under. ITM's Barkus catches up with the very talented Steven and Ralph geting ready to play in Oz over easter 2007

Kyau vs Albert:  Euphonic

Kyau vs Albert: Euphonic

By Mark Luckey 22nd Mar, 2006

Euro trance stars "Kyau vs Albert" are hitting Australia in March and ITM's Barkus caught up with them on their label Euphonic, their latest single combining their liking's.

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vickitrixta vickitrixta said on Fri 19th Oct, 2012
"wtf why is kutski not up there ? or the organ donors ?? "
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