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Listen: Klaxons mix 'Acid Disko' Modular podcast

Listen: Klaxons mix 'Acid Disko' Modular podcast

By Andrew Wowk 18th Jul, 2013

Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos520

Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos

By Katie Cunningham 9th Nov, 2011

After hours of careful research, inthemix has brought together 20 of the most controversial video clips to ever grace a television or computer screen. Turns out 2 Girls 1 Cup might not be the most confronting thing on the internet, after all.

The smuttiest dance videos ever1532

The smuttiest dance videos ever

By Dave Ruby Howe 13th Apr, 2011

ITM thought it was about time to look back on the (silicone enhanced) legacy of dance music’s porn-y videos and offer a definitive list of the smuttiest dance videos of all time, from the ridiculous to the rotten. We count down the top (or bottom) 30.

Klaxons - Echoes (Steve Aoki Remix)12

Klaxons - Echoes (Steve Aoki Remix)

By Dave Ruby Howe 11th Mar, 2011

Dim Mak megastar Steve Aoki gives Modular guns Klaxons a galactic dance makeover with his electro-y, trance-y, everything-y remix of 'Echoes'.

Klaxons: Buzzing again51

Klaxons: Buzzing again

By Dave Ruby Howe 13th Aug, 2010

Following an explosive rise to prominence which saw them release an epochal debut album in 2007 with 'Myths Of The Near Future', it might seem as though Klaxons have been disturbingly quiet in the time that’s passed. Not so insist the band.

Field Day announces its 2011 line-up1342

Field Day announces its 2011 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 12th Aug, 2010

Following hot on the heels of monster bills for Summadayze and Summafieldayze, Sydney’s Field Day has revealed who’ll be partying in the Domain in 2011.

ITM’s 15 favourite video clips of the year...so far87

ITM’s 15 favourite video clips of the year...so far

By Dave Ruby Howe 10th Aug, 2010

We thought we’d pay a little tribute to the visual side of dance music, putting together a list of some of our favourite video clips to pop our eyes so far this year.

NeverEverLand @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (13/12/08)5

NeverEverLand @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (13/12/08)

By Ali Sahib 24th Dec, 2008

All in all, Modular’s NeverEverLand wasn’t as big as last years tour, but it never really could have been. But with the help of the likes of Hercules, Klaxons, and The Presets, it certainly came as a close second.

NeverEverLand @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (14/12/08)

NeverEverLand @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (14/12/08)

By Lara Antonelli 19th Dec, 2008

There may have been something in the water, or the fact that it was pouring incessantly from the heavens above for three days straight, but that didn't seem to dampen the spirits of punters enjoying Modular's 10th Birthday celebrations.

Klaxons: Finding NeverEverLand2

Klaxons: Finding NeverEverLand

By 4th Dec, 2008

Simon Taylor of Klaxons chats to ITM about miming, making a prog record and headlining the NeverEverLand Festival in Australia.

NeverEverLand line-up lands277

NeverEverLand line-up lands

By Tim Hardaker 24th Oct, 2008

As revealed on inthemix recently, Modular will return to the festival market in December to take their NeverEverLand party across the country in celebration of their momentous 10th anniversary. Here's what you've been waiting for... the line-up!

Klaxons: Breaking through1

Klaxons: Breaking through

By Jerome Dwyer 19th Oct, 2007

On the eve of their Australian tour, inthemix caught up with James Righton of nu rave pioneers the Klaxons to talk broken limbs, their meteoric rise to stardom, and the Mercury Music Prize.

Klaxons: Absolutely no fluoro2

Klaxons: Absolutely no fluoro

By Belinda Healy 9th Jul, 2007

Simon Taylor-Davis of the Klaxons is obviously sidetracked pre-interview. Just as I’m about to connect with him, I’m told ‘he’ll call back in five minutes’. “I just cut my face in half shaving!” he shrieks when he gets on the phone.

Klaxons [Audio]: First band in space?1

Klaxons [Audio]: First band in space?

By Tim Hardaker 26th Feb, 2007

James Righton of the Klaxons speaks about their plan to go into space one day, what it's like being charged with inventing their own genre of music, and how he came to find himself locked in a car boot in Melbourne on their last tour.

Klaxons: Gravity's a bitch

Klaxons: Gravity's a bitch

By Nic Toupee 29th Nov, 2006

There's clicking and rustling on the line, and then silence, then eventually a bleary “hello?” The Klaxons guitarist James Reynolds has been rudely awoken to fulfil his press obligations at 9am London time.

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