Sean Tyas

Sean Tyas

Sean Tyas

Should we give trance a chance?991

Should we give trance a chance?

By Angus Paterson 26th Jan, 2012

Trance has been the resident whipping boy of dance music for longer than most clubbers can remember, in spite of its enduring popularity.

Sean Tyas: 37

Sean Tyas: "Armin’s show is the only thing that's kept trance alive"

By Jack Tregoning 27th Sep, 2011

Already this year, inthemix has heard a wide range of opinions from visiting DJs and producers about the current state of affairs within trance.

Sean Tyas: searching for surprises1

Sean Tyas: searching for surprises

By Jack Tregoning 14th Apr, 2010

The past few years have seen a steady rise through the trance ranks for production gun Sean Tyas. With a return to Australia imminent, inthemix gets on the phone to the New York ex-pat.

Sean Tyas: Polishing the 'Tyas’ sound9

Sean Tyas: Polishing the 'Tyas’ sound

By Scott Richardson 10th Mar, 2008

Sean Tyas has cut himself a fine niche in the global trance kingdom. With a sound that's driving, full and thumping with plenty of hands-in-the-air moments, anyone with an ear for trance can hear just a few seconds and recognize it as a Tyas track.

Sean Tyas: Ready to launch1

Sean Tyas: Ready to launch

By Angus Paterson 15th May, 2007

Although he's a native of New York City, since relocating to Europe a few years back Sean Tyas has become something of a modern trance success story.

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Weaver2 Weaver2 said on Fri 19th Jul, 2013
"The problem is, most "trance" now-a-days is indistinguish..."
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josephvandyrn josephvandyrn said on Fri 18th Nov, 2011
"trance elements "
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Sean Tyas

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