Timbaland cancels Australian tour to nobody's surprise22

Timbaland cancels Australian tour to nobody's surprise

By Dave Ruby Howe 8th Apr, 2011

Mighty US producer turned goofy rapper, Timbaland has cancelled his Australian tour with Supafest on the eve of the festival's kick-off.

Timbaland coming to Australia for Supafest8

Timbaland coming to Australia for Supafest

By Dave Ruby Howe 15th Feb, 2011

Dare we believe it? Timbaland is coming to Australia.

Timbaland says he ‘started’ dubstep135

Timbaland says he ‘started’ dubstep

By Dave Ruby Howe 11th Jun, 2010

File this under your easily accessible Friday WTF section of ITM news, because we’ve got quite the doozy on our hands here.

Timbaland sues Australian promoter19

Timbaland sues Australian promoter

By JoAnn Curtis 12th Sep, 2008

Brisbane based promoter the Showtime Touring Group have been slapped with a lawsuit by famed US producer Timbaland.

Timbaland's no show... again2

Timbaland's no show... again

By Jack Tregoning 19th Aug, 2008

The comedy of errors that is the Timbaland tour culminated with the wholly-unsurprising news that the man would not be paying us a visit at all, and perhaps never genuinely had any intentions of doing so.

Timbaland keeps Australia waiting1

Timbaland keeps Australia waiting

By Jack Tregoning 10th Jul, 2008

We won’t pretend Timbaland’s first-ever Australian tour had us feeling all that confident – what with the lack of star guests and the man’s relative obscurity as a solo artist...

The Roots bring the best on new album3

The Roots bring the best on new album

By Jack Tregoning 1st Feb, 2008

The Roots, the 'greatest hip hop band in the world', are beginning work on their tenth artist album - and there's quite a supporting cast.

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joshforrest joshforrest said on Mon 11th Apr, 2011
"Foriegn artists cancelling is pretty common these days. I..."
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DHindahouse DHindahouse said on Wed 16th Feb, 2011
"half of them will mysteriously pull out a week before."
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bonfiglio bonfiglio said on Wed 29th Sep, 2010
"Seal invented Dubstep."