Kavinsky - Outrun11

Kavinsky - Outrun

By Sam Murphy 20th Mar, 2013

Frenchman Kavinsky finally delivers his debut album.

Alive in Australia: Inside Daft Punk's epic '07 tour927

Alive in Australia: Inside Daft Punk's epic '07 tour

By Jack Tregoning 21st Feb, 2013

If there’s a party line on Daft Punk's 2007 Australian tour from the people who made it happen, this is it: “There’s really not much to say.”

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)23

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)

By Dave Ruby Howe 2nd Nov, 2010

It's a French love-in for you this time with Breakbot taking on the new Kavinsky single 'Nightcall' which was produced by Guy-Man from Daft Punk, no less. Tres bon!

Kavinsky’s Daft Punk-assisted resurrection3

Kavinsky’s Daft Punk-assisted resurrection

By Dave Ruby Howe 9th Mar, 2010

French electro zombie Kavinsky has been unnervingly quiet of late but that's all about to change thanks to a new EP on the way with the help of some famous friends.

Ed Banger's LA club brawl video leaks online26

Ed Banger's LA club brawl video leaks online

By Tim Hardaker 4th May, 2009

Remember the story on Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter stepping up for an impromptu DJ set sans-mask from a few weeks back? Well video of the club brawl that broke out later in the night involving the Ed Banger crew has leaked online.

Daft Punk's after party tour; NeverEverAfter!112

Daft Punk's after party tour; NeverEverAfter!

By Tim Hardaker 7th Dec, 2007

The chances that your night of partying will end when Daft Punk step down from their famed pyramid is about a million to one, so if you've been looking for somewhere to head you could do no better than the official NeverEverLand after party tour.

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meldavid meldavid said on Thu 26th Sep, 2013
"The music is criminally good."
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mm9444 mm9444 said on Fri 30th Aug, 2013
"Did you just say "futuristic version of Los Angeles". My ..."
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itchy itchy said on Mon 25th Mar, 2013
"It's not as though 'Nightcall' was made specifially FOR t..."
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JackT JackT said on Wed 6th Mar, 2013
"Right you are trentrentrent, amending."
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audioRiot audioRiot said on Thu 4th Nov, 2010
"love kavinsky"