NAPT: The N-Funk mission42

NAPT: The N-Funk mission

By Jack Tregoning 6th Jul, 2010

Breakspoll's favourite act NAPT is set to return to these parts at the tail-end of July, armed with a heavyweight arsenal of productions and remixes.

NAPT: Never caught napping2

NAPT: Never caught napping

By Julian Cram 21st Dec, 2009

MAPT have gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the breaks scene's big players and proving there is plenty of life in the genre yet. Here they chat with ITM.

NAPT: Funk with a capital 'N'1

NAPT: Funk with a capital 'N'

By Emira-Mia B 1st Apr, 2008

Hitting Australian shores for the first time this week, UK breakbeat duo NAPT are all about creating a unique sound. And they’re responsible for shaping the sound they call ‘N-Funk’ - one that can only be understood by hearing it.

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DastardlyD DastardlyD said on Wed 7th Jul, 2010
"Napt @ Ruby Tramp on the Goldie will be the place to be o..."
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