Surkin or Benoit Heitz is a French DJ and producer whose taste for electro has spawned remixes for the likes of Boyz Noize, Chromeo, Foals, Justice, M.I.A and Klaxons. Based in Paris, Heitz is signed to the French Institubes record label.

Watch M.I.A. and GENER8ION deliver the video of the year

Watch M.I.A. and GENER8ION deliver the video of the year

By Katie Cunningham 16th Jun, 2015

Listen: House/garage king Todd Edwards kills it on the Essential Mix3

Listen: House/garage king Todd Edwards kills it on the Essential Mix

By Jack Tregoning 20th May, 2013

Surkin: My Top Ten Club Weapons 29

Surkin: My Top Ten Club Weapons

By Katie Cunningham 15th Dec, 2011

French electro banger Surkin has talked us through his ten favourite tracks at the moment in celebration of the release of his debut full-length album, USA.

Creamfields’ big finale1

Creamfields’ big finale

By Dave Ruby Howe 2nd May, 2011

After pulling a triple-header over the Easter and Anzac Day extra-long weekend, the 2011 Creamfields festival tour raised the bar ahead of its two final shows in Sydney and Brisbane this past weekend.

Focus On Creamfields 201139

Focus On Creamfields 2011

By ITM HQ 30th Mar, 2011

Debuting in Australia last Autumn, Creamfields is stepping things up in its second year. We hear all about what's in store from the people behind the festival and some of its headlining acts.

Creamfields 2011 festival lineup28103

Creamfields 2011 festival lineup

By Dave Ruby Howe 8th Feb, 2011

Creamfields festival will return to Australia this April for a run of smashing dates around the country and we've got the lineup announcement!

Surkin: Plenty of fireworks1

Surkin: Plenty of fireworks

By Dave Ruby Howe 1st Apr, 2010

Out here over the Easter break for a string of shows under the 'Outrage' banner, French electro prodigy Surkin chats to inthemix about what fans can expect from his shows, and where his bloody album is.

Stereosonic @ Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne (05/12/09)2

Stereosonic @ Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne (05/12/09)

By Patrick Pantalone 10th Dec, 2009

Dance music reigned supreme at Melbourne's Stereosonic 2009, which was, without a doubt, one of the best parties of the year. Acts like Deadmau5, Axell and Alter Ego all rocked the showgrounds right, amidst thousands of singlets and 80s retro shades.

Stereosonic @ Hordern Pavillion, RHI & surrounds, Sydney (28/11/09)

Stereosonic @ Hordern Pavillion, RHI & surrounds, Sydney (28/11/09)

By Bec Crew 3rd Dec, 2009

Amidst false hopes of a fully-clothed festival utopia courtesy of some ambitious new shirtless crackdowns, Stereosonic 2009 kicked off in Sydney's Moore Park in some perfect summer heat.

Surkin not a fan of rap-dance trends9

Surkin not a fan of rap-dance trends

By Dave Ruby Howe 15th Oct, 2009

Stereosonic hero Surkin shared with ITM his thoughts on the new wave of rap-meets-dance crossovers, and guess what? He's not a fan.

Stereosonic onsale 9am Thursday at ITM!16

Stereosonic onsale 9am Thursday at ITM!

By Angus Paterson 17th Aug, 2009

This month’s lineup announcement for the Stereosonic Festival tour received a massive response, and if you want to be part of this year’s experience then make sure you’re back at ITM with your credit cards at the ready on Thursday morning!

Stereosonic lineup lands for 2009!5153

Stereosonic lineup lands for 2009!

By Angus Paterson 5th Aug, 2009

The Stereosonic Festival tour will be back this November, with Hardware and Onelove taking it to the five major cities for the very first time, and ITM now has the full details on who will be playing on the lineup across the country!

Surkin slates superstar DJs16

Surkin slates superstar DJs

By Tim Hardaker 9th Jun, 2008

21 year old Institubes producer Surkin chatted to Skrufff this week about his meteoric rise and being a reformed ‘four-to-the-floor hater': revealing he remains blissfully unaware of house music’s ageing elite.

Surkin: Toppling the Ed Banger empire4

Surkin: Toppling the Ed Banger empire

By Elliot Giakalis 3rd Feb, 2008

Yep, it’s been a steady race to the top for France's Ed Banger crew. But its reign is about to come to an end: right now. Courtesy of the label’s youngest star Surkin, who's got some shocking tales of French electro debauchery to share with ITM.

Good Vibrations lineup gets even bigger!3

Good Vibrations lineup gets even bigger!

By Angus Paterson 12th Dec, 2007

The lineup for next year’s festival was big to begin with, full of massive names from across the musical spectrum but now it’s blown out even more: The Nextmen feat. MC Yungun, Tittsworth, Dirty Laundry and more have all been added.

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