Alex Gaudino

Alex Gaudino

Alex Gaudino

Ultra Music Festival 2013 announces ‘Phase 3’ line-up7

Ultra Music Festival 2013 announces ‘Phase 3’ line-up

By Jack Tregoning 11th Mar, 2013

When Miami’s Ultra Music Festival dropped its long list of ‘Phase 2’ line-up additions, there were still some blurry spots on the poster waiting to be revealed.

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project set for Melbourne7

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project set for Melbourne

By Katie Cunningham 11th Oct, 2011

The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project has announced that Melbourne will be the lucky Australian city to play host to an import of Italian talent come November 12.

Nokia X7 Winning Mix #2 - Glyn Frame1

Nokia X7 Winning Mix #2 - Glyn Frame

By Melanie Mahony 27th Sep, 2011

Our 2nd Nokia X7 winner shows off their unique music taste with tracks from Tom Piper, Afrojack and Armand Van Helden.

Line-up for Australia’s Smirnoff nightlife swap2

Line-up for Australia’s Smirnoff nightlife swap

By Jack Tregoning 12th Sep, 2011

The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is back in 2011, and this time we’ll be trading parties with Italy.

The smuttiest dance videos ever1532

The smuttiest dance videos ever

By Dave Ruby Howe 13th Apr, 2011

ITM thought it was about time to look back on the (silicone enhanced) legacy of dance music’s porn-y videos and offer a definitive list of the smuttiest dance videos of all time, from the ridiculous to the rotten. We count down the top (or bottom) 30.

Godskitchen @ Melbourne Park, Melbourne (06/10/07)4

Godskitchen @ Melbourne Park, Melbourne (06/10/07)

By Kat Loughrey 17th Dec, 2007

Putting on a spectacular show of lights, lasers and visuals, Rod Laver was transformed into the biggest and best nightclub Melbourne has seen in a while, where glow sticks ruled and reaching for the lasers was absolutely mandatory.

Godskitchen @ The Met, Brisbane (05/10/2007)4

Godskitchen @ The Met, Brisbane (05/10/2007)

By Daniel Sanders 12th Oct, 2007

Godskitchen has for the past three years been held at The Family to good reports, but to quote DJ M.I.K.E's track, "Changes R Good" and The Met delivered.

Godskitchen @ Home Nightclub, Sydney (30/09//2007)4

Godskitchen @ Home Nightclub, Sydney (30/09//2007)

By Marek Panasko 3rd Oct, 2007

Well its that time of year again: temperatures are getting warmer, shorts are getting shorter and huge events are tempting us to leave the house almost every weekend. This October long weekend trance fans in Sydney were spoilt as Godskitchen hit Home

Godskitchen set times & lineup changes1

Godskitchen set times & lineup changes

By Jonathan Keefe 26th Sep, 2007

Godskitchen rolls into Perth THIS Friday September 28th and has long SOLD OUT of presales. Unfortunately Micky Slim has cancelled but check within for full details.

Godskitchen pre-sales SOLD OUT

Godskitchen pre-sales SOLD OUT

By Jonathan Keefe 17th Sep, 2007

Pre-sale tickets for Godskitchen at Metro City on Friday September 28th have sold out. Those who missed out still have one more chance to snap up door tickets but better be prepared to get their early or prepare for disappointment.

Alex Gaudino [Audio]: Destination, top of the charts2

Alex Gaudino [Audio]: Destination, top of the charts

By Tim Hardaker 29th Jun, 2007

You might not be familiar with the name yet, but you'll have definitely heard the tune, as Italian Alex Gaudino's mash of Rune's Ibiza classic 'Calabria' and the Crystal Water chart-topper 'Destination Unknown' is more infectious than tuberculosis.

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bigtobz bigtobz said on Fri 15th Feb, 2013
"probably just a few clashes when the timetable comes out?"
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brenly brenly said on Wed 12th Oct, 2011
"I assume that $1000 will go towards a few glasses of coke..."
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SANDSHREW SANDSHREW said on Fri 23rd Mar, 2012
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DTrancer DTrancer said on Thu 22nd Mar, 2012
"@Kiron Agree totally. Watching the MV of a lot of the new..."
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