Superpitcher: One man show3

Superpitcher: One man show

By Dave Ruby Howe 29th Oct, 2010

ITM talks to German maestro Superpitcher about the art of a pulling off a marathon mix, what he’s looking forward to on his current Australian tour and how his new album 'Kilimanjaro' took a solid five years to make.

Germany’s Melt Festival grows in 20085

Germany’s Melt Festival grows in 2008

By Jack Tregoning 26th Feb, 2008

The truly one-of-a-kind Melt Festival, staged amongst retired coal-mining diggers on Germany’s Ferropolis peninsula, has line-ups to match its location. In 2008, there’s an extra day added to accommodate the all-star cast.

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Subsonic Music Subsonic Music said on Tue 2nd Nov, 2010
"One of the best sets I've heard in a while on the Hallowe..."
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