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Should we give trance a chance?991

Should we give trance a chance?

By Angus Paterson 26th Jan, 2012

Trance has been the resident whipping boy of dance music for longer than most clubbers can remember, in spite of its enduring popularity.

Rank1 [Audio]: Let there be laser-filled light6

Rank1 [Audio]: Let there be laser-filled light

By Angus Paterson 5th Nov, 2009

Rank 1 may have helped establish the formula for the Dutch trance sound back in the 90s, but they certainly haven’t stayed there as they’re still every bit the cutting-edge trance act. Witness this year's anthem they produced for Trance Energy.

Rank 1 [Audio]: Their name came true24

Rank 1 [Audio]: Their name came true

By Angus Paterson 18th Jul, 2007

Rank 1's story began in 1997 when Piet Bervoets and Benno de Goeij met at a party. Piet was already deep into the dance scene, DJing and working on music in his home studio. Benno, however, had no experience and was just keen to get a taste.

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Weaver2 Weaver2 said on Fri 19th Jul, 2013
"The problem is, most "trance" now-a-days is indistinguish..."
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