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Ame - Fabric42 Radio Mix21

Ame - Fabric42 Radio Mix

By Tim Hardaker 12th Sep, 2008

Ame are German duo Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann. They release Fabric42 soon, and here’s a taste of what’s to come!

Mad Classic Fuss @ The Metro, Sydney (30/09/07)2

Mad Classic Fuss @ The Metro, Sydney (30/09/07)

By Jitwam Sinha 8th Oct, 2007

With three of Sydney’s best promoters joining forces, there was no doubt that the party would be a hit. And it certainly made for a fine way to spend a Sunday evening on the long weekend and was a breathe of fresh air from everything else going on.

AME @ Miss Libertine, Melbourne (28/09/07)

AME @ Miss Libertine, Melbourne (28/09/07)

By Laura Miller 3rd Oct, 2007

Half of the West German duo Ame (pronounced Ahm – which is French for soul) regular with Germany's Innervisions and Sonar Kollektiv stables was the special headlining guest at the latest installment from regular Melbourne techno promotions team Soma

Âme @ Bar Open, Perth (21/09/07)1

Âme @ Bar Open, Perth (21/09/07)

By Terri Trang 26th Sep, 2007

I arrived fashionably late and walked in an alley which lead me to the rear entrances of the down stairs section at Bar Open. As I was walking towards the room I heard something I haven’t heard in a long time, deep melodic bass lines. Yeah it’s a cli

Ame: German culture at its finest

Ame: German culture at its finest

By Jitwam Sinha 19th Sep, 2007

Ame have been at the forefront of the emerging house and techno sounds coming out of Germany. Blurring the line between deep house and Detroit, they’re about to tour Australia, courtesy of their country’s cultural organisation the Goethe Institute!

Ame update - date and venue change1

Ame update - date and venue change

By Sara Giampa 11th Sep, 2007

Soma Corp, Darkbeat, and Stable join forces on Saturday 28th September (new date) to bring to Melbourne for the first time - Ame. The event which was previously scheduled for ffour, has now been moved to Miss Libertine.

Various Artists - Coast2Coast, Mixed by Ame

Various Artists - Coast2Coast, Mixed by Ame

By Elliot Giakalis 12th Jun, 2007

In 2006, Rej - the brainchild of Germany's Ame - became one of the absolute minimal anthems of recent times. It catapulted them into the tech limelight, and, together with their other productions, made them one of the hottest house properties around.

Ame: My Ame is true

Ame: My Ame is true

By 4th Oct, 2006

"We certainly thought Rej could be a hit, but only on the scale that we’d already achieved in the underground scene we’re in. We never thought that this track would have such a crossover effect to a lot of people."

Minimal is over predicts German minimal star1

Minimal is over predicts German minimal star

By Paul Bui 8th Sep, 2006

Kristan Beyer from German electronic duo Ame chatted to Skrufff this week about their already hugely successful minimal tech-house anthem Rej and revealed that he absolutely loathes most minimal music.

Ame - Ame

Ame - Ame

By Chris Downton 10th Nov, 2004

Deep house duo Ame (pronounced Ahm, which is apparently French for 'soul') hail from the small Western German town of Karlsruhe, and have been creating quite a buzz over the last couple of years in the European broken-beat / soulful house scene