DOOM alledgedly sends imposter to do his DJ set 9

DOOM alledgedly sends imposter to do his DJ set

By Katie Cunningham 28th Aug, 2012

According to some less-than-impressed promoters, hip-hop maestro DOOM didn't show up to a DJ set he was booked for over the weekend. Instead, he sent along a masked imposter.

Ghostface Killah, DOOM, Chino XL tour6

Ghostface Killah, DOOM, Chino XL tour

By Tom Mann 27th Apr, 2012

Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, masked supervillain DOOM, and “The Puerto Rican Rhyme Slayer” Chino XL are teaming up for the Rap City 2012 tour.

DOOM show postponed5

DOOM show postponed

By Tom Mann 23rd Mar, 2011

Who’d be a hip-hop tour promoter? The DOOM tour has now been hit by a last minute postponement.

Doom - Dancetarium Mix11

Doom - Dancetarium Mix

By Dave Ruby Howe 26th Mar, 2010

Doom - Dancetarium Mix

Foreshore @ Commonwealth Place, Canberra (29/11/08)1

Foreshore @ Commonwealth Place, Canberra (29/11/08)

By Jessica Conway 8th Dec, 2008

Foreshore 2008 was no mere festival - it was a musical banquet. There were so many artists with such a variety of skills and stylings that it was a struggle to figure out where I should direct my feet, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

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Mindfull-1 Mindfull-1 said on Thu 6th Sep, 2012
"nah it is cool & edgy patrick and you are just a hater ay..."
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aguilare aguilare said on Sun 29th Apr, 2012
"ooh yeeah!!!! I'll def be dere... Rap City 2010 was hectic."
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beatfreakn beatfreakn said on Wed 23rd Mar, 2011