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15 Epic Festival Locations You Need To See12

15 Epic Festival Locations You Need To See

By ITM HQ 23rd May, 2013

Seekae: Pushing forward11

Seekae: Pushing forward

By Katie Cunningham 28th Aug, 2012

In the midst of recording their third album and about to head off on an East Coast tour, Seekae worded ITM up on what the future holds for the trio.

Sonic Animation, Blondie & more for Homebake 20125

Sonic Animation, Blondie & more for Homebake 2012

By Jack Tregoning 30th Jul, 2012

For its ‘Global Edition’ this December, Homebake is returning to Sydney’s The Domain with an international drawcard in the headline spot.

Seekae announce East Coast tour1

Seekae announce East Coast tour

By Kevin Loo 25th Jul, 2012

Riding off a career high of their sold-out performance as part of the Vivid Live Festival earlier this year, Seekae have announced an east coast tour for August/September with Kangaroo Skull and Thomas Williams.

Fridays inthemix returns with Devola11

Fridays inthemix returns with Devola

By Melanie Mahony 18th Jun, 2012

After a little break, we’re excited to announce Fridays inthemix will returning to your computer screens as a monthly event on the last Friday of each month.

Vivid Sydney daily report #3: Seekae and Janelle Monae1

Vivid Sydney daily report #3: Seekae and Janelle Monae

By Jack Tregoning 28th May, 2012

Night three of Vivid gave Sydneysiders a host of good reasons to get harbourside, not least the line-up of concerts at the Opera House.

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katiecunningham katiecunningham said on Sun 14th Sep, 2014
"Probably my favourite album so far this year. Nice write ..."
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djhitmanrocks djhitmanrocks said on Mon 7th Jul, 2014
"Lorde's best so far, Gets better with each release"
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ellas ellas said on Fri 8th Nov, 2013
"Any side shows for Lotus guys???? Por favor??? "
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moose007 moose007 said on Wed 29th May, 2013
"FUSION? SHAMBHALA? BOOMTOWN? BOOM? Secret Garden? ....Jus..."
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dirtyepic dirtyepic said on Tue 4th Sep, 2012
"So nice to see these guys doing well for themselves!"