Mark Pritchard

Mark Pritchard

Mark Pritchard

Mark Pritchard grew up in the UK – heavily attracted to the new sounds of Techno coming out of Detroit. Responsible for many classics, Pritchard has gained respect and admiration from critics and fellow musicians alike. Early in his career he found like-minded people in Tom Middleton and Richard James of Aphex Twin. With Tom he went on to set up the seminal Evolution label dedicated to the pioneering of Techno and Electronica as well as the Global Communication project and label Universal Language.

Sonar 2011 upsizes with Boys Noize, M.I.A and more4

Sonar 2011 upsizes with Boys Noize, M.I.A and more

By Dave Ruby Howe 27th Feb, 2011

Ranked as one of ITM’s 15 Festivals To Do Before You Die, Sonar is set to return in 2011 for three days of fun and innovative musical performances...

Dubstep: Has the bubble already burst for the sound of the future?536

Dubstep: Has the bubble already burst for the sound of the future?

By Jack Tregoning 31st Dec, 2010

ITM assembles a panel of industry experts to discuss the rise of dubstep in 2010 and whether or not we've already reached the movement's peak.

The new guard of dance music77

The new guard of dance music

By Jack Tregoning 16th Dec, 2010

Throughout 2010, inthemix has devoted plenty of words to veterans. But while there’s been plenty to remind us of dance music’s rich history, 2010 has left no doubt that the future is bright too.

ITM's Looking Local: Index, Sydney25

ITM's Looking Local: Index, Sydney

By Dave Ruby Howe 13th Jul, 2010

ITM gets its local-focus on, chatting to the guys behind Sydney dub, techno and bass institution Index about doing what they do best.

Harmonic 313: Sci-fi sound frequencies1

Harmonic 313: Sci-fi sound frequencies

By Rueben Hale 11th Nov, 2009

Mark Pritchard likes to push boundaries and venture into the bizarre. Over the years his music has crossed over a wide variety of genres, but with his Harmonic 313 project you feel as though you're in sci-fi flick from the 1960s.

Dub for La No Che Fundraiser: From Africa to Sydney with love

Dub for La No Che Fundraiser: From Africa to Sydney with love

By 13th Mar, 2008

It’s not often Australia’s underground music scene becomes synonymous with the orphan crisis in Africa… After all, the two are worlds apart right? Well, not according to the DJs and promoters of the Dub for La No Che fundraiser.

Mark Pritchard [Audio]: Opening The Books1

Mark Pritchard [Audio]: Opening The Books

By Jack Tregoning 6th Mar, 2008

Since relocating to Sydney from the UK, the always-prolific Mark Pritchard has busied himself with a dizzying array of projects. His latest, which ITM got him on the phone to talk about, is a creative collaboration with Steve Spacek as 'The Books'.

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ellas ellas said on Fri 8th Nov, 2013
"Any side shows for Lotus guys???? Por favor??? "
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danjuan danjuan said on Tue 1st Oct, 2013
"Cant wait!"
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walkdogz walkdogz said on Mon 7th Mar, 2011
"lol @ techno giant"
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joshforrest joshforrest said on Mon 11th Apr, 2011
"love it how peeps like certain genres when they are "unde..."
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ratticus ratticus said on Sat 25th Dec, 2010
"Love that Loyal Divide tune, good pick Jamie"
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