Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom: Times change2

Infected Mushroom: Times change

By Tom Griffin 4th Oct, 2012

"Dance music is also pop to many people today, and there are a lot who don’t really see the difference." Ahead of Stereosonic, Infected Mushroom reflect on their evolution with inthemix.

Stereosonic drops huge 2012 line-up32106

Stereosonic drops huge 2012 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 4th Jul, 2012

After much impatient waiting, wish-listing and rumour-mongering, now comes the time to lay eyes on the real deal: the 2012 Stereosonic line-up.

Steve Aoki talks Dim Mak's 2012 albums2

Steve Aoki talks Dim Mak's 2012 albums

By Katie Cunningham 24th Jan, 2012

With a debut album from Datsik on the way, Infected Mushroom signing to the label, a Knife Party collaboration in the works and more Bloody Beetroots, 2012 is shaping up to be a busy year for Dim Mak.

Stereosonic Adelaide locals + arena line-ups15

Stereosonic Adelaide locals + arena line-ups

By Jack Tregoning 9th Nov, 2010

Stereosonic has announced the individual line-ups for the five massive arenas that will be spread across Bonython Park.

Infected Mushroom play the first Stereosonic sideshows16

Infected Mushroom play the first Stereosonic sideshows

By Dave Ruby Howe 26th Aug, 2010

While the start of summer will find the massive Stereosonic festival covering the majority of the Australian countryside and bringing music to the masses, there was no way that the festival could reach absolutely everywhere...

Stereosonic drops 2010 lineup announcement45140

Stereosonic drops 2010 lineup announcement

By Dave Ruby Howe 20th Jul, 2010

Stereosonic has blown out proceedings for the 2010 festival, revealing a jaw-dropping lineup that’s crammed full with some of dance music’s biggest and brightest stars.

Is Matter dead?9

Is Matter dead?

By Dave Ruby Howe 19th May, 2010

Just a week after the much loved Glade festival called it quits, word is spreading that UK nightclub Matter has gone bankrupt and will be closing its doors soon.

Summafieldayze @ Doug Jennings Park, Gold Coast (09/01/2010)14

Summafieldayze @ Doug Jennings Park, Gold Coast (09/01/2010)

By Scott Gollan 12th Jan, 2010

At The Red Bull tent, a *Dizzee Rascal* remix laced with a well placed “fix up look sharp” sample was breaking across the crowd. *Jamie Vale* was behind the decks showing why it was his time to shine....

Summadayze @ Rymill/Rundle Park, Adelaide (01/01/10)

Summadayze @ Rymill/Rundle Park, Adelaide (01/01/10)

By Alida Hoebee 5th Jan, 2010

With last year’s *Groove on a New Year’s Day* a raging success and *Summadayze* going national in 2010, what better way to welcome the new decade than combining the two to make for one of Adelaide’s most anticipated music events of the millennium.

Summadayze @ The Esplanade and Supreme Court Gardens, Perth (03/01/10)4

Summadayze @ The Esplanade and Supreme Court Gardens, Perth (03/01/10)

By Sean Morrison 4th Jan, 2010

Before I arrived a friend warned me that Summadayze had been canceled because all the cheese had melted yet fortunately he was wrong, and Summadazye 2010 went off despite the oppressive heat.

Summadayze @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (01/01/10)3

Summadayze @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (01/01/10)

By Sanjay Fernandes 4th Jan, 2010

It was a sultry *Summadayze* and while some zombies would have been better served to go home and wish their parents a happy new year for others, electronic music would soon dust the cobwebs from weary limbs.

Infected Mushroom [Audio]: Technologically advanced7

Infected Mushroom [Audio]: Technologically advanced

By Angus Paterson 7th Oct, 2009

Israeli psytrance rockers Infected Mushroom have been busy indeed over the past two years, signing with Paul Oakenfold's label Perfecto as well as building one of the world’s most state-of-the-art music studios. ITM finds out more.

Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane

The infection has spread worldwide, with more shows than ever for Infected Mushroom fusing psy-trance, rock and electronics on the big stage, with Duvdev and Erez at the helm.
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