Christopher Mercer, aka Rusko originates from Leeds, UK. His approach to dubstep is adventurous in formula, sound and energy. Energetic and fun, his hit track “Cockney Thug” has been played by everyone from Pete Tong, Switch, Diplo and Santigold. Now aligned with Mad Decent, Rusko’s future is looking bright.

Parklife 2012 live preview5

Parklife 2012 live preview

By ITM HQ 26th Sep, 2012

With the Parklife tour kicking off this weekend, we decided to have a closer look at what to expect from the stars of the line-up.

Rusko on his “f**kload of drugs” habit and why Deadmau5 is still a “d*ck”652

Rusko on his “f**kload of drugs” habit and why Deadmau5 is still a “d*ck”

By Jack Tregoning 19th Jul, 2012

Get well soon, Rusko.

Parklife 2012 lineup lands!1378

Parklife 2012 lineup lands!

By Katie Cunningham 18th Jun, 2012

After months of waiting, rumours and a few inadvertent leaks, the Parklife 2012 lineup announcement has finally arrived.

Rusko calls label Mad Decent 9

Rusko calls label Mad Decent "f*cking useless numbskulls"

By Katie Cunningham 19th Mar, 2012

Ain't no fight like a Twittersphere fight!

Dubstep: Friend or foe?1292

Dubstep: Friend or foe?

By ITM HQ 13th Jan, 2012

“I don’t think it’ll go overground as such,” predicted the 17-year-old Benga in 2003. Nine years on, it's more a question of: just how overground can dubstep go?

Dance cruise runs aground (Jonathan Davis responsible?)9

Dance cruise runs aground (Jonathan Davis responsible?)

By Katie Cunningham 11th Jan, 2012

Reports have flooded in that three-day dance cruise Holy Ship! failed to stay afloat - maybe the bass was just too heavy?

Holy Ship! 2012 Official Video

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Cue jealousy: Holy Ship! has just released a jaw-dropping official recap video. Look out for a naked Dita von Teese!
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"Yes I totally agree with you Plife.