Breakfest is a tradition. A broken beat boutique event held every Boxing Day in the same exquisite surrounds since day one; Belvoir Amphitheatre. Perth’s locally produced and only internationally acclaimed event, Breakfest always delivers the best day ever for the Breakfester with great music and great production. That’s what makes Breakfest the very best event on the calendar:
– *Winner Best Event – Perth Dance Music Awards 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 – Winner Best Event – inthemix Top 50 Awards 2006, 2007 – Winner Best Value for Money – Australian Festival Awards 2009

Breakfest drops all-killer 2013 line-up2

Breakfest drops all-killer 2013 line-up

By Jack Tregoning 8th Oct, 2013

Krafty Kuts: People get down22

Krafty Kuts: People get down

By Tony Kingston 5th Dec, 2012

There are few DJs as well-practised in Australian summers as Krafty Kuts.

Stanton Warriors: Non-stop214

Stanton Warriors: Non-stop

By Leah Burgess 8th Dec, 2011

While many of their breaks contemporaries have faded into relative beat obscurity, the Stanton Warriors have consistently delivered huge, crowd scoring sound and also merited a heap of airplay – no mean feat for DJs from an arguably fading genre.

10 Years Of Breakfest56

10 Years Of Breakfest

By Jack Tregoning 15th Dec, 2010

For a decade now, Boxing Day in Perth has belonged to Breakfest. With the tenth birthday celebrations fast approaching, Breakfest alumni like The Freestylers and Plump DJs have weighed in on what makes it great.

Plump DJs: A work in progress21

Plump DJs: A work in progress

By Tom Griffin 6th Dec, 2010

Since the Plump DJs first exploded onto the scene with 'A Plump Night Out' in 2000, the duo of Lee Rous and Andy Gardner have been firm favourites of breaks lovers worldwide.

Miles Dyson: Electronic Prodigy5

Miles Dyson: Electronic Prodigy

By Mark Woolard 15th Dec, 2009

Beginning his DJ career at the tender age of 13 in one of Germany's oldest electronic clubs and starting his first residency two years later, Miles Dyson is something of a musical genius.

Looking forward to summer? ITM's most anticipated summer moments 8

Looking forward to summer? ITM's most anticipated summer moments

By Angus Paterson 11th Dec, 2009

The summer festival season is here, and for each of us there’s bound to be a few of those special “moments” we’re anticipating over the next few months. Take a look at what the ITM community is most looking forward to over summer!

The Funkoars: Malfunctioning like crazy

The Funkoars: Malfunctioning like crazy

By Alice Adriaanse 25th Jun, 2009

Lock up your daughters and hide anything breakable; The Funkoars are coming to a town near you. In their second Australian tour in as many months, the Adelaide locals and veterans of the hip hop scene are taking towns by storm.

Nextmen: Staying ahead of the mash-up pack

Nextmen: Staying ahead of the mash-up pack

By Julian Cram 21st Apr, 2009

Dance music just aint the factionalised collection of different scenes that it used to be, and thank god for that. However, some people have been doing it for longer than others and the UK's Nextmen have an impressive heritage behind them.

Atomic Hooligan: Sex, drugs & breakbeat, NY style

Atomic Hooligan: Sex, drugs & breakbeat, NY style

By Nick Bleeker 19th Dec, 2008

With the heavy-rockin' breakbeat duo Atomic Hooligan returning to Australia for a series of DJ gigs over the New Year period, 'on the back of the release of their 'Sex, Drugs & Blah Blah Blah' album this eyar, ITM finds out what’s in store.

Fort Knox Five [Audio]: Free the funk

Fort Knox Five [Audio]: Free the funk

By Tim Hardaker 15th Dec, 2008

When we got a few minutes on the phone with Jon Horvath of Fort Knox Five recently it was just a few days after Barack Obama’s historic victory in the US election. As a resident of Washington DC, the Fort Knox Five posse were happy chaps indeed.

Rennie Pilgrim [Audio]: Militant breakbeat hero3

Rennie Pilgrim [Audio]: Militant breakbeat hero

By Angus Paterson 15th Jul, 2008

While the breakbeat scene as a whole is arguably going from bad to worse, if all you’d been listening to was the slammin’ sets of UK stalwart Rennie Pilgrim, then you’d never even have known. Because Rennie keeps going from good, to even better.

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"Dodge & Fuski Habstrakt. Damn WA so far away! "
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"Ye massively disappointed that they haven't announced a S..."
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