Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival

Every January, Sydney Festival enlivens and transforms Sydney with a bold cultural celebration based on the highest quality art and big ideas. For three weeks, Sydney Festival offers a rich program of around 80 events involving upwards of 1,000 artists from Australia and abroad covering dance, theatre, music, visual arts, cross media and forums.

Icon Andrew Weatherall on the birth of acid house: “The establishment made it a threat”1

Icon Andrew Weatherall on the birth of acid house: “The establishment made it a threat”

By Jody Macgregor 12th Dec, 2013

Our picks of the Sydney Festival 2014 program

Our picks of the Sydney Festival 2014 program

By Nick Jarvis 23rd Oct, 2013

Classixx: Part of the family now

Classixx: Part of the family now

By Katie Cunningham 13th Feb, 2013

L.A. duo Michael David and Tyler Blake are Future Classic's newest signees - so if you're not already acquainted, now would be a good time.

A conversation with Metro Area mastermind Darshan Jesrani14

A conversation with Metro Area mastermind Darshan Jesrani

By Christopher Barker 10th Jan, 2013

Down the line from his New York studio, Darshan Jesrani talks inthemix through a distinguished career in house music, from Metro Area to his burgeoning label Startree.

Lindstrøm: The simple things2

Lindstrøm: The simple things

By Jack Tregoning 7th Jan, 2013

Having made two very different albums in 2012, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is back in Australia this month. We called him up.

DJ Koze: A warm place45

DJ Koze: A warm place

By Jim Poe 23rd Jan, 2012

Thanks to his singular and stubbornly experimental approach, DJ Koze is one of the most intriguing characters in electronic music. He's also great for a chat, as we discovered ahead of his first-ever Australian tour.

Prins Thomas: A man for all seasons4

Prins Thomas: A man for all seasons

By Lauren Murada 9th Jan, 2012

Chilling at home in Oslo, listening to some old Derrick May and avoiding the European winter, space-disco innovator Prins Thomas readies inthemix for his Australian visit.

ITM’s Honour Roll #8: Andrew Weatherall57

ITM’s Honour Roll #8: Andrew Weatherall

By Jim Poe 3rd Jan, 2012

Who could be more fitting for the first inthemix Honour Roll feature of 2012 than enduring raconteur Andrew Weatherall?

Octave One: Analogue thinking 74

Octave One: Analogue thinking

By Jack Tregoning 24th Jan, 2011

Watching Octave One play live, you can’t help feeling they were born to do this. For this band of brothers, techno is in the genes.

Mathew Jonson: Still on fire1

Mathew Jonson: Still on fire

By Holz Markt 21st Jan, 2011

The last time he was here he was so hot a speaker caught fire. Need I say more?

Aloe Blacc: A very good thing2

Aloe Blacc: A very good thing

By Dave Ruby Howe 7th Jan, 2011

Out in Australia this summer to bring a touch of misty-eyed soul to *Sydney Festival and then onto his own dates around the country, the stirring singer took some time out to talk to inthemix about his career progression.

Henrik Schwarz: The art of the unexpected11

Henrik Schwarz: The art of the unexpected

By Jack Tregoning 5th Jan, 2011

If the last two years have been all work (and a bit of play) for Henrik Schwarz, in 2011 we’ll enjoy the fruits of his labour.

ITM's Honour Roll #4: DJ Harvey86

ITM's Honour Roll #4: DJ Harvey

By Jack Tregoning 8th Dec, 2010

When it comes to Honour Roll worthiness, they don’t come much more qualified than DJ Harvey.

Grandmaster Flash [Audio]: The master returns1

Grandmaster Flash [Audio]: The master returns

By Angus Paterson 14th Jan, 2010

Grandmaster Flash has long been widely lauded as the big ol’ daddy of DJ culture, developing several techniques that became fundamental in the development of the DJ craft. Decades later, what does Flash still have to offer? A lot, as ITM finds out.

DJ Yoda: Always on his A-game15

DJ Yoda: Always on his A-game

By Shaughn Simpson 12th Jan, 2010

Touted by Q Magazine as “one of the ten DJs you must see before you die” means that Yoda has had to stay on his A-game while touring Australia this summer.

Grandmaster Flash - Swagger

Grandmaster Flash’s first high profile studio album in over 20 years, ‘The Bridge’, has finally dropped. Guests and collaborators include KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip and Snoop Dogg.
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"I thought Acid house was born in Chicago a few years befo..."
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"eloquent man"
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"Massive leg ends. Even more ready for Saturday night now...."
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