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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations 2011 lineup leaks early?522

Good Vibrations 2011 lineup leaks early?

By Dave Ruby Howe 9th Sep, 2010

The curtain was set to finally be drawn on the 2011 lineup for the Good Vibrations festival early tomorrow morning, but as is seemingly the case in the modern age of the internet, the whole shebang has leaked early.

ITM's Good Vibrations awards5

ITM's Good Vibrations awards

By Dave Ruby Howe 24th Feb, 2010

ITM hands out some prestigious trophies to some true festival champions from this year's Good Vibrations festivals. Winners are grinners, after all.

Kid Cudi [Audio]: Real good vibes2

Kid Cudi [Audio]: Real good vibes

By Dave Ruby Howe 18th Oct, 2009

Kid Cudi, the US rapper with the left-of-centre ethos will cap off a triumphant 12 months with his Australian festival birth at Good Vibes next year.

Good Vibrations mourns the loss of DJ AM16

Good Vibrations mourns the loss of DJ AM

By Dave Ruby Howe 1st Sep, 2009

Following his untimely death over the weekend, it's been revealed that the late DJ AM had been locked in to play next year's Good Vibrations festival.

Katalyst - Good Vibrations DJ Mix for ITM1

Katalyst - Good Vibrations DJ Mix for ITM

By Tim Hardaker 11th Feb, 2008

Katalyst continues his tour of Australia as part of the Good Vibrations tour this month. Get into the mood with this exclusive DJ mix he put together for ITM!

Good Vibrations at Herrison Island?2

Good Vibrations at Herrison Island?

By Jonathan Keefe 20th Sep, 2007

With the line up yet to be announced, word on the street is that proposals are in for Good Vibrations 2008 to be held at Herrison Island in Perth - a first for any ticketed event in the city.

Good Vibrations @ Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth (18/02/07)5

Good Vibrations @ Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth (18/02/07)

By Tarquin McElvenny 22nd Feb, 2007

With a weather report that looked ominous, the lead up to Good Vibrations was filled with trepidation- would it really be cloudy with a chance of a shower?! As if Good Vibrations Day would really disappoint! The day dawned sunny, warm and full of pro

London Elektricity - GVF promo192

London Elektricity - GVF promo

By Grant Taplin 22nd Feb, 2007

London Elektricity has become a byword for groundbreaking 'fast soul music', ramming venues, destroying drum & bass crowds, leaving huge smiles from the Big Chill to Glastonbury and beyond, LONDON ELEKTRICITY LIVE has always been 'out of this world'.

Rahzel & JS-1 sideshow announced

Rahzel & JS-1 sideshow announced

By Sara Giampa 13th Feb, 2007

After a show-stopping performance at Good Vibrations on Saturday, comes the announcement that the world’s premier beatboxing and Djing team Rahzel and JS-1 will be performing at the Prince of Wales this Thursday 15th February.

DJ Dan - Jan 2007 Promo92

DJ Dan - Jan 2007 Promo

By Grant Taplin 1st Feb, 2007

DJ Dan remains a towering figure in the world of dance music, always a step ahead in bringing new musical styles to his fans. He is a DJ for the people burning up dance floors around world. Watch out .. your shoes are burning!

Thunderball - Mayday Promo Mix

Thunderball - Mayday Promo Mix

By Grant Taplin 29th Jan, 2007

US-based trio, Thunderball, are renowned purveyors of sophisticated, stereophonic-thrillers, and cinematic dub. Since 97 their productions have shifted effortlessly between the genres of drum & bass, breakbeat and downtempo. Don't miss out!

Ursula 1000 - January 2007 Promo

Ursula 1000 - January 2007 Promo

By Grant Taplin 29th Jan, 2007

The man behind URSULA 1000 is none other than the mild mannered, multi-instrumentalist Alex Gimeno. Alex cannot be boxed in, categorized or labeled, his music is a multi-leveled eclectic blend of styles and genres.

Good Vibrations @ Riverstage, Brisbane (11/02/06)

Good Vibrations @ Riverstage, Brisbane (11/02/06)

By Pete Luetjens 19th Feb, 2006

In this, the third year of Good Vibrations, Jam Entertainment once again delivered a fresh and diverse range of music for the masses.

Good Vibrations Festival @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (12/02/06)

Good Vibrations Festival @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne (12/02/06)

By Carrie Kluge 15th Feb, 2006

Mother Nature could not have turned on more of a perfect day for the Melbourne leg of the Good Vibrations Festival. Clear blue skies and perfect temperature were the ideal ingredients for a satisfaction guaranteed day at the top venue of the Sidney Myer M

Good Vibrations after party at Seven with Cuban Brothers

Good Vibrations after party at Seven with Cuban Brothers

By Sara Giampa 10th Feb, 2006

The Official Good Vibrations afer party will be held at Seven Nightclub this Sunday 12th February 2006.

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