Want proof that summer is on the way? Fuzzy’s massively popular seaside party Harbourlife will be back this November. It’s proved to be one of the most sought after events since its debut 2003.

Harbourlife @ Mrs Macquarie's Point, Sydney (01/12/2012)14

Harbourlife @ Mrs Macquarie's Point, Sydney (01/12/2012)

By Holz Markt 3rd Dec, 2012

Harbourlife is a winner before you even get to the music. This year, Fuzzy definitely did get to the music.

Mark Farina: 15

Mark Farina: "In another life, I would live in Australia"

By Jack Tregoning 30th Nov, 2012

It’s fitting that Mark Farina is bringing his bag of jacking house, hip hop and other gems to Australia for the first weekend of summer.

2manydjs: 23

2manydjs: "We’d be sh*t at anything else"

By Callum Fitzpatrick 26th Nov, 2012

In the lead-up to their visit for Harbourlife, inthemix caught up with one half on the Dewaele brothers.

Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette - Boys & Girls

Commissioned by fashion icon Jean-Paul Gaultier, here's the video for Martin Solveig &...
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TroyShaun TroyShaun said on Tue 11th Nov, 2014
"Not sure why this is getting so much coverage. Many peop..."
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Random_Kiwi Random_Kiwi said on Wed 27th Aug, 2014
"Dusky and Farina, meh, nice, but not enough..."
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Plife_23 Plife_23 said on Thu 21st Aug, 2014
"Add Dusky to almost certainties"
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daveyjaye daveyjaye said on Tue 29th Oct, 2013
"no probs dude :thumb:"
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Dr Bones Dr Bones said on Thu 11th Jul, 2013
"Well that's a bit gash."
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