Southbound Festival

Southbound Festival

Southbound Festival

Once upon a time some nice folk packed up their van and drove through the thick city haze to the pristine paradise of the South West. They set up tents, threw down some tasty organic tucker and danced around while bands from lands afar made music upon the stage. So began The Southbound Festival!

Located in the beautiful South West town of Busselton, just a two and a half hour-ish drive south of Perth, Southbound continues to bring sizzling talent from overseas along with the most talented home-grown Australian artists to you in the form of one superb and sustainable festival. Punters are offered and urged to take in the whole experience by getting in touch with nature and camping at the festival site over the weekend, so as to not miss out on one second of the good times on offer.

Parachute Youth - Le Petit Prince12

Parachute Youth - Le Petit Prince

By Jack Tregoning 10th Sep, 2013

As a festive present, Parachute Youth has offered up this free download of their summer jam 'Le Petit Prince'.

Aloe Blacc, Metronomy and more for New Year’s2

Aloe Blacc, Metronomy and more for New Year’s

By Dave Ruby Howe 25th Jul, 2011

Adding to the list of known New Year's visitors are Aloe Blacc, Metronomy and Pnau. Where else might they turn up we have to wonder.

Amanda Blank: A charming chatterbox3

Amanda Blank: A charming chatterbox

By Lin Tan 7th Dec, 2009

In many ways, Blank’s personality is ostensibly contrasting. On the one hand, her songs often express an attitudinal, don’t-fuck-with-me bravado, in the other; she’s warm, friendly, and downright goofy...

ITM's summer hitlist and predictions round two!11

ITM's summer hitlist and predictions round two!

By Dave Ruby Howe 25th Sep, 2009

ITM pulled out a few pearls with our first run of summer predictions, so ahead of the next round of festival announcements we've taken another look into the crystal ball to have a look at who else we might see out here this summer.

ITM's summer hitlist and predictions!43

ITM's summer hitlist and predictions!

By Angus Paterson 2nd Sep, 2009

You have no idea how close we are… With summer approaching, ITM has compiled its 'hitlist and predictions', rounding up the artists we already know will be here, and who’s rumored to be making the trek… Along with a healthy dose of speculation!

Moby heads up a string of New Years announcements213

Moby heads up a string of New Years announcements

By Angus Paterson 6th Aug, 2009

Australian music fans were whipped into a frenzy over the past 24 hours with the lineup for the beloved Falls Festival events in Victoria and Tasmania leaking onto the net, revealing dance music’s biggest little man Moby to be toplining.

A-Trak: Globetrotting hobnobbing DJ superstar

A-Trak: Globetrotting hobnobbing DJ superstar

By Melanie Mahony 16th Dec, 2008

Hopping from New York to Paris without a second thought. Working with everyone from DJ Mehdi to Sinden to Kanye West. DJing at “some awards show that MTV is doing”. Is there anything that A-Trak can’t do? ITM finds out ahead of his NY tour.

South Rakkas Crew: Futuristic dancehall warriors

South Rakkas Crew: Futuristic dancehall warriors

By Angus Paterson 9th Dec, 2008

This year we’ve seen international sounds creeping more and more into our musical DNA, and amongst all this it's the South Rakkas Crew who are leading the charge in merging the Jamaican sounds of dancehall with a futuristic electro aesthetic.

Atmosphere [Audio]: More optimistic than ever2

Atmosphere [Audio]: More optimistic than ever

By Angus Paterson 2nd Dec, 2008

US duo Atmosphere have long been considered the flipside of the macho posturing of hip hop, but lyricist Slug takes serious issue with any claim their latest album can be defined as ‘dark’. He insists it's their most optimistic effort yet.

ITM's guide to summer festivals13

ITM's guide to summer festivals

By Tim Hardaker 30th Oct, 2008

There’s no use denying it; summer 2008/2009 is more packed with festival fun than ever before. We’ve compiled a nifty pictorial guide to this year’s hottest events nationwide to help you decide which one is right for you!

Festival Awards voting closes soon2

Festival Awards voting closes soon

By Tim Hardaker 23rd Sep, 2008

If you haven't voted yet in Australia's first ever Festival Awards, get your skates on because it closes soon. Your favourite festival is counting on your support.

Vote in Australia's first ever Festival Awards18

Vote in Australia's first ever Festival Awards

By Sarah Smith 2nd Sep, 2008

Do you spend most of your time browsing ITM's news section for the latest festival updates, or blagging on the forums about the ups (and downs) of the latest multi-stage event? It's time for the rest of Australia to hear what you have to say!

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Southbound Festival

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