Playground Weekender

Playground Weekender

Playground Weekender

Whilst one day festivals can have you racing between stages desperate to pack in as much as possible, Playground Weekender is spread over three days, allowing revellers to take their time to relax and explore everything on offer in between catching some of the world’s best live bands and DJs.

Greg Wilson: Reflections on touring Australia17

Greg Wilson: Reflections on touring Australia

By ITM HQ 5th Jun, 2012

This reflection on Australia from house and disco authority Greg Wilson is well worth a read.

The flood & the fallout: One-on-one with Playground Weekender18

The flood & the fallout: One-on-one with Playground Weekender

By Jack Tregoning 19th Mar, 2012

We sit down with Playground Weekender promoter Andy Rigby to ask the questions you've been asking.

Greg Wilson: Time-travelling17

Greg Wilson: Time-travelling

By Lauren Murada 23rd Feb, 2012

Ahead of his Australian tour, reel-to-reel master Greg Wilson gives inthemix a house music education.

Andy Fletcher: Depeche Mode and beyond

Andy Fletcher: Depeche Mode and beyond

By Paige Richards 9th Feb, 2011

Before heading over to play the Playground Weekender, Andy Fletcher took the time to chat to inthemix about his influences, DJing versus playing live, and whether he'll return with the rest of Depeche Mode for an Australian tour.

A rough guide to Tricky12

A rough guide to Tricky

By Jack Tregoning 8th Feb, 2011

With the Bristol legend proving an elusive character to track down for a one-on-one, inthemix decided to take matters into our own hands and present a rough guide to the enigma that is Tricky.

Lamb: The naturals33

Lamb: The naturals

By Jack Tregoning 3rd Feb, 2011

15 years have passed since their definitive debut album, but 2011 feels like another turning point in the story of Lamb.

Ewan Pearson: Deep thinking12

Ewan Pearson: Deep thinking

By Henry Johnstone 27th Jan, 2011

Where to begin with a guy like Ewan Pearson? Even if you’ve never come across his name as a celebrated remixer or DJ (which would be surprising), it’s more than likely you’ve witnessed his touch without even realising it.

Caribou: A perfectionist at work37

Caribou: A perfectionist at work

By Leah Burgess 13th Jan, 2011

Caribou is set to hit our shores in February 2011, touring with the musically like-minded Four Tet. Here he chats to inthemix about the arduous yet rewarding process of making music.

Gui Boratto [Audio]: Renaissance man returning to Oz

Gui Boratto [Audio]: Renaissance man returning to Oz

By Steven Gadeley 17th Feb, 2010

About to hit Australian for his second ever tour of our shores, Brazilian wunderkind Gui Boratto is a man who is undoubtedly in fine form at present.

Mark Farina [Audio]: House the way it's meant to sound3

Mark Farina [Audio]: House the way it's meant to sound

By Melanie Mahony 17th Feb, 2010

Mark Farina is a man who lives and breathes house music, staying true to the roots of the genre and always bucking the trend of whatever is ‘hot’ in clubland at the time.

Orbital: Running rings around the competition1

Orbital: Running rings around the competition

By Sanjay Fernandes 15th Feb, 2010

Named after London’s M25 orbital freeway - a key passage for ravers to the countryside - the pioneering Orbital brothers of Phil and Paul Hartnoll are certainly not lacking in stories to tell.

Steve Lawler [Audio]: Revisiting the dark drums1

Steve Lawler [Audio]: Revisiting the dark drums

By Angus Paterson 12th Feb, 2010

Once upon a time, Steve Lawler was know for the deep, dark tribal rhythms that pervaded his sets. As fans will no doubt know he’s moved on since then, but a distinct percussive edge has begun to show up again in his sets. ITM finds out more!

Ewan Pearson: The right choices11

Ewan Pearson: The right choices

By Jack Tregoning 12th Feb, 2010

Dance music has few multitaskers as adept as Ewan Pearson. Making the long haul down under for an encore appearance at Playground Weekender and a few club gigs on the side, ITM tracks down the gentleman of house in his Berlin studio.

LTJ Bukem: The soul of drum n' bass3

LTJ Bukem: The soul of drum n' bass

By Safire Broken Beat Assault 25th Dec, 2009

A pioneer of the 'softer side' of drum 'n bass, LTJ Bukem has been making and playing his 'intelligent dnb' for the last 20 years, but is perfectly happy in the here and now: "It's a good time for music, man, a very good time..."

Looking forward to summer? ITM's most anticipated summer moments 8

Looking forward to summer? ITM's most anticipated summer moments

By Angus Paterson 11th Dec, 2009

The summer festival season is here, and for each of us there’s bound to be a few of those special “moments” we’re anticipating over the next few months. Take a look at what the ITM community is most looking forward to over summer!

Grafton Primary - Relativity

Grafton Primary released their debut EP Relativity late last year to great response, and went on to make a stellar remix of Faker’s ‘This Heart Attack’. The trio recently put together this electrifying video for the title-track!
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