Shine On Festival

Shine On Festival

Shine On Festival

Shine On 2011: a festival of music, arts, camping, dancing and more. A selection of sounds and culture from across the globe and across the country join together in the Australian countryside to celebrate the onset of summer!

The line-up for 2011 so far includes: Shapeshifter, Big Gigantic, Wax Tailor, Alex Kid, D-Nox, Ticon, Day.Din, Antix/Fiord, Dunkelbunt, Die Vogel, Frivolous, Hermitude, Heyoka, Opiuo, The Swiss, The Bamboos, Diafrix, Spoonbill, DJ Wasabi, Heart Tribe, Husky, Joelistics, Kingfisha, The Woo Hoo Revue, Pigeon, Puta Madre Brothers, Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel, Sietta, The Jungle Giants, The Red Eyes, The Scullamooks, Tijuana Cartel and Tim Scanlan.

Hermitude: Road-testing 52

Hermitude: Road-testing

By Jack Tregoning 9th Nov, 2011

If your day is in need of brightening, you might want to spend three and a half minutes with Hermitude's recent single 'Speak Of The Devil'.

A Guy Called Gerald: True school33

A Guy Called Gerald: True school

By Jack Tregoning 31st Oct, 2011

“I just need a good soundsystem and I’m there,” A Guy Called Gerald tells inthemix, and it’s a mantra he’s been living for over 20 years now.

Shapeshifter: The fire is blazing 1

Shapeshifter: The fire is blazing

By Jack Tregoning 26th Oct, 2011

It only takes one encounter with Shapeshifter live to be converted.

The inthemix summer forecast611

The inthemix summer forecast

By Jack Tregoning 6th Oct, 2010

No matter what your party persuasion, the summer ahead looks to be a strong one. Calling on the input of DJs and promoters with a stake in this summer, inthemix has cast an inquisitive eye over the good times about to roll.

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babzatronic babzatronic said on Thu 24th Nov, 2011
"Can't wait to hear some Hermitude filth in the forest. So..."
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babzatronic babzatronic said on Thu 24th Nov, 2011
"AGCG next weekend!"
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aritz aritz said on Wed 26th Oct, 2011
"What do you think? Post your comment..."
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pomrocks pomrocks said on Fri 10th Dec, 2010
"What are you most looking forward to this summer?Winter"
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Shine On Festival

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